4/20 specials at the cannabis shop

Every cannabis shop in the town is having 4/20 specials plus discounts for the entire month to celebrate the pothead holiday of 420; All month long, there will be different sales plus specials at the dispensary.

It is going to have demonstrations from Cannabis manufacturers every Thursday morning plus Saturday afternoon, then during the demonstrations, whatever product is being displayed will be on a special sale.

Last Thursday I went to the shop to pick out some extra weed edibles for a weekend camping trip, however edibles are perfect for a weekend out, because they are so easy to use plus discreet. I can eat a few Edibles in the afternoon plus stay high through the entire afternoon… The dispensary did not have a lot of sales plus specials on edibles, but there was a representative from a single 1 of the biggest cannabis concentrate companies. If I obtained one gram of cannabis concentrate, I earned another gram of cannabis concentrate for no cost. The representative had a couple of different strains for free including red crack plus OG Kush, more than one of my number one sativa strains. They had a limit on this sale, so I could not purchase more than one plus get more than one for free. Each person was only allowed to get a single plus get a single for free. I went back to the cannabis shop on Thursday to see if that same company representative was there, but this time there was a person from a single of the Cannabis flower production companies. That person was giving out free samples as well, however I wasn’t interested in wasting more currency on flower. I already had a half ounce still at home.



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