A bit ironic considering where I started

The girl gave myself and others a handsome salary that I could not turn down

I used to smoke recreational marijuana with our friends when I was a teenager. When I decided to join the Army, I knew that our time smoking recreational marijuana was done. The people in the Army are entirely drastic about marijuana use. When you go on a break, they test you as soon as you come back. If they even sense or smell a hint of marijuana smoke, they will drug test everyone there, and even though it is legal in the state where I was stationed for basic training, three soldiers were still kicked out during training because they were caught with recreational marijuana. I was in the Army for 8 years and I didn’t use marijuana the whole time. When I got out of the Army, I had to find a task and one of the first places I got an interview was at a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary and delivery service. I spoke with the employer and the owner of the business. The owner was a youngish girl who looked like she was 30, however she was driving a Rolls-Royce bentley. The girl said that she made a million dollars before she was 25 years old. She gave myself and others a good task laboring as the security officer at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary and delivery services. The girl gave myself and others a handsome salary that I could not turn down. I like laboring at the cannabis dispensary and I am in charge of all of the security team. Nobody goes in or out of the building without reporting to myself or the others first and I have our eye on everything that happens in the building.


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