A lot of amazing strains come from OG Kush

OG Kush was cultivated close to three decades ago, and it has lineage from Hindu kush, chemdog, as well as lemon thai.

Honestly, OG Kush is very unique as well as widely used in a number of amazing hybrids.

OG Kush is almost evenly balanced between sativa as well as indica. I always choose to buy my marijuana from a place in the city with the most fabulous prices. One of the Distributors offers half ounces of OG kush for $49. I love to smoke OG Kush when I am feeling somewhat depressed or anxious. It makes me happy as well as relaxed. One of my most preferred strains that is a hybrid of OG Kush is Girl Scout cookies. Girl Scout cookies is a lovely strain to smoke before bedtime. It tastes super earthy as well as sort of like pine. GSC or girl scout cookies is a strain that has won all sorts of different awards. There are times when I experience insomnia that keeps me awake all night. Insomnia is caused by a lot of crazy factors, but for me it is usually stress, anxiety, or depression. At times, it’s the indoor air temperatures! The study room is a little bit warmer than the rest of the residence as well as during the Summer days it can be tremendously difficult to sleep well. When I take it easy and smoke a bowl of OG kush before I go to bed, I officially sleep at least 6 hours. I wake up in the day feeling totally refreshed as well as ready to get my day started. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to get up as well as get out of bed when I am feeling depressed or stressed out, but marijuana absolutely helps me feel so much better mentally as well as physically.