A new kind of nightlife

The nightlife in this town is the best I have ever experienced.

Believe me, I have been around the block a few times, but I always come back here.

I wasn’t born here, but I consider it my home because of how welcoming and friendly it always is. Not to mention all of the great bars and clubs that always need live music. I play guitar and sing a unique kind of music, and it seems like this town is the best fit for me. Perhaps it is due to all the cannabis dispensaries, many of whom also hire live music acts on weekends. Cannabis is big business around here, with over a dozen dispensaries competing against one another. A few years ago the idea of playing music at a cannabis dispensary would have been considered science fiction, but it is a bright new day in America! Personally I have never cared for getting drunk, so having cannabis as an option is perfect for me. Not that I ever get high before any of my shows – I can’t, I need to stay focused. Staying focused is so difficult at cannabis dispensaries simply because of all the secondhand pot smoke in the air. It is very easy for me to get a “contact high” just from being in a room so filled with cannabis smoke. After the show, it’s “game on” and I will gladly smoke whatever cannabis a fan hands me! After one of these gigs I will get paid in cash by the dispensary, but I always walk away with a bunch of free cannabis, too!
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