A trip to the cannabis store is a real treat

I don’t suppose I ever thought of a trip to the cannabis store as being a treat, although I do nowadays. There are numerous thrilling things to find at the cannabis dispensary. The first time I was in a cannabis dispensary was to get an order for my mother. She was in a wheelchair and didn’t get out especially often. I was her caretaker and could get her marijuana order for her whenever she needed me to. Once they legalized recreational marijuana, I didn’t need my caretaker’s ID to go into the cannabis store. I could ask about all sorts of interesting products that may help my mom. The budtenders would answer me. I have already asked about marijuana products for someone who had never tried marijuana before, and no one even batted an eye. They gave me a sample of marijuana gummies, and told me to eat simply half a gummy. I shouldn’t try them unless I was in my household and only with people I felt safe with. When I got to my house that night, I showed my wife what I had brought back to our household. She asked if I dropped mom’s marijuana order off before coming home. She knew I had, because I could see the twinkle in her eye she gets when teasing me. She asked what the gummy happened to be, and I told her it was laced with THC. She told me the next time I went to the cannabis store, she was going with me. I was having too much fun going to see the marijuana dispensary, and bringing back special treats. This week I brought a brownie back to the household to share with her after dinner.


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