A unusual evening at the cannabis dispensary

I have the most insane story to share with you… As you all recognize I work at the cannabis dispensary, which is the source of most of our blogs.

The other evening something happened that I did not expect; I wound up staying the evening in the office at work because I was afraid to go outside! I recognize I should start at the start of the story, which was just after closing time, and kevin is the manager, and she and I were counting down the tills and compiling the cash for the next day’s deposit.

As soon as Kevin left the store, the iphone rang. It was the regional manager for the cannabis dispensary chain, calling to tell myself and others that I needed to lock Kevin out of the store before she came back. At first I thought I was being pranked, but the woman was legit – she proved it by showing myself and others how she could see the footage from the cannabis disp[ensary security cameras in real time. As every one of us talked on the iphone she was enjoying myself and others from more than four hundred miles away, but weird, right? She told myself and others that Kevin had been stealing money and product from the cannabis dispensary, and that the cops had been alerted. The corporate bosses didn’t want Kevin to get arrested inside the cannabis dispensary, which is why I was told to lock him out. The boss stayed on the iphone with me, and together every one of us watched through the cannabis dispensary security cameras as the police showed up and took Kevin into custody. What a unusual evening.

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