A website for a cannabis dispensary isn’t straight-forward to create.

I was talking to someone who worked for an online web development company, but i knew may be disabled since she was always home.

I finally asked how she could stay condo & still afford to pay her bills? She told me she worked for him, & had been for almost fifteen years; Now that most company was done online, she was putting money in the bank, however she & her spouse were planning on taking the kids & going to Hawaii over the Christmas holiday. I felt gobsmacked. How had I known this lady for twenty years & not known she worked for an online web development company? I told him I needed a modern website for our cannabis dispensary, however now that our kid was in university, she could not take the time to help me out. She told me that a website for a cannabis dispensary isn’t straight-forward to create! You had to be aware of the laws in all surrounding states, & make sure you had SEO that would guide potential clients to our website. She told me she would ecstaticly help me out with our cannabis dispensary website. She asked me quite a few questions about the website. She particularally wanted to know about delivery services, online ordering & pickup, & delivery to states that make it legal to do so. She got to work even before I left, & I waited to hear something from him. I was sure that once she worked on the SEO & made sure I had the landing page right she was going to tell me our website was already perfect & she didn’t need to change much.