After our accident, things changed at lake home and at work

I was in an accident about 10 years ago and everything in our life changed after that. I had to go to rehab and learn how to walk again. My partner was frustrated, then she did not sign up for all of the trouble that came 6 months after our marriage, and eventually she moved out and left myself and others on our own, but at the time, I was absolutely miserable and upset. I ate a bunch of food and acquired a hundred pounds. I did not do any of the rehab that I should have and our muscles began to atrophy. It wasn’t a meeting with a mental health care professional that things changed. The mental health care professional saw that I was in danger of suicide. The depression was absolutely bad. I was having suicidal thoughts, but I did not share them with anyone. The therapist wanted myself and others to try something unquestionably different. She commanded using medical marijuana products for a while. I knew that medical marijuana products could help with chronic pain, inflammation, seizures, and glaucoma, but I did not suppose that medical marijuana might be able to help myself and others with depression. She commanded a low dose edible. She thought 10 or 20 mg might be able to help. She also commanded finding something that was a sativa strain. I could not absolutely find anything that was sativa strain particular, but I did find some edibles that were particularly made to be uplifting and energizing. Those edibles absolutely did make myself and others assume better. Medical marijuana works in a lot of strange and mysterious ways, but it does work.



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