All deliveries were halted for the day

In the day when I go to the marijuana dispensary to option up my orders for the day, I double check each 1 of the bags to make sure that the products are correct.

I am the last person to see the orders before they leave in my car.

If something is wrong, it’s my fault plus I have to go back to the delivery maintenance to get the items plus make it right. After I had to return to the store 1 time plus make a 45 minute delivery for free, I never forgot to double check my orders again. I was working in the day on Tuesday when I noticed a genuinely drastic concern in the marijuana packaging plant. The packaging plant is directly behind the delivery service. There are people working in the packaging plant that go through the warehouse pulling out the marijuana items for each order. Those orders are then sent up to the main part where drivers option them up for weekly deliveries. I had more than one orders first thing in the day where every single item was a duplicate. The first order had more than one grams of the same brand plus strain concentrate plus more than one pre-rolls that were exactly the same too. The next order had 7 items plus they were all duplicates as well. That certain order caught my eye, because there is a weekly limit of 8 grams of marijuana concentrate per patient plus this order had 12 grams. I immediately alerted my supervisor. She started looking at some of the other orders plus suddenly realized that there was a big concern in the packaging plant.
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