All of us had to close the store after the water leak

Plumbing troubles can cause concerns for homeowners plus supplier owners.

A few weeks ago I drove over to the marijuana dispensary plus the location was not open for business.

There was a large yellow sign on the front door. The dispensary had to close down for the day plus was only open for delivery. There was a small explanation on the piece of paper. It sounded love the marijuana dispensary had a plumbing problem. I could see people working inside of the dispensary plus there were multiple plumbing company trucks in the parking lot. I drove all the way over to the dispensary plus I didn’t even get to go inside. I decided to go back to the office plus I ordered through the delivery system. I tried to get the delivery sent to my office, but there were no drivers available until later in the night. I had no option but to have the items delivered to my home. I do not like having medical plus recreational marijuana products delivered to my home, because I believe love my neighbors are severely nosy plus they consistently want to find out what is going on across the street. Because of the concerns in the store, the dispensary gave a 10% discount to everyone that ordered online for delivery. I saved $15 on my order, but it didn’t make up for all of the trouble that I had to go through that day just to get recreational marijuana products. It should be a lot easier plus there should be far more marijuana dispensary locations.

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