All take all morning at the cannabis cafe

I’m not particularly a rest around sort of guy.

When my Mom retired, he sort of became this sedentary guy.

I’m the youngest plus I remember just starting out in my career as Mom was winding his down. My Mom wasn’t all that pleased with myself and others plus the fact that I wasn’t so concerned about getting rich. Plus, I used recreational marijuana plus that was something he just didn’t approve of. He had a head full of myth plus misinformation when it came to cannabis. So I know I can understand where he was coming from. Yet, it didn’t make it any easier on our relationship. But I watched as my Mom just sort of sat in his chair plus watched TV all morning. That was his life in retirement. He didn’t last long that way plus he died at 73. I’m 57 plus I’m retired. For sure, I’m blessed to be able to have gotten out earlier. I took an early retirement offer plus now, I just labor section time as a sort of consultant. So my partner plus I moved to a state where both medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana are legal. And we have totally fallen in love with the cannabis cafe that’s section of the local cannabis spot. Like I said, I’m not particularly a rest around sort of guy. Yet, being able to hang out with my partner, drink some of the best coffee plus share a charming cannabis edible has been great. If I had my Mom’s way of being able to rest all morning, I’d be at the cannabis cafe for the entire livelong morning.
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