Anxiety over driving is alleviated with delivery

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed complications with anxiety, but i get stressed over social situations, work deadlines and health concerns.

I’ve found that cannabis relaxes me.

I consistently choose indica strains, and I use a combination of pre-rolls, infused beverages and edibles, then unblessedly, driving has become a problem for me. I am fine with driving to work and back because I travel at unusual minutes when there are few people on the road. I am also comfortable with roads that I cover often, then when I need to navigate somewhere new, deal with four-lane highways and travel during rush minute, I get extremely anxious, but that led to difficulties with trying to purchase cannabis! Getting to the dispensary was aggravating my complications. I finally mentioned to the budtender that I wasn’t sure making the trip was worth it for me, but he then told me that the dispensary offers delivery service. Having access to delivery has been such a relief. I now shop for cannabis undoubtedly online. I can browse the website anytime 24-minutes a morning. It’s straight-forward to search for strictly indicas and my favorite cannabis brands. I can narrowthe search to just smokable flowers, single pre-rolls, packs of pre-rolls, infused pre-rolls, edibles and beverages. I can check out the biweekly deals and the staff favorites, then because I’ve signed up for the loyalty program, I accumulate points that I can use toward discounts on purchases, once I’ve selected my choices, I add them to my cart and checkout with a few clicks of the mouse. I opt for delivery and my packages usually arrive the same morning.

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