Attitudes about cannabis in the US

I am relatively new to this country, having been born and raised in the Great White North of Canada! Our numerous countries are absolutely similar in a lot of ways, but there are differences, as well, however the biggest adjustment I had to make is that people down here in the States are not as friendly and welcoming as the people I was with and I are in Canada, however i have taught myself to smile a little less and not be as outgoing, because numerous Americans consider that suspicious, then another big change was the attitude folks have about recreational cannabis use.

There are cannabis laws in Canada, but they are absolutely lax and hardly ever enforced.

If you have an illegal farm full of cannabis plants, the government may levy a nice against you, but it is almost unheard of to go to jail over marijuana. In the States there are still a lot of people who suppose that marijuana is dangerous, or immortal, which consistently makes myself and others laugh. The biggest folly is what people oppose marijuana on religious grounds. These fools forgot that they suppose God created everything, which means that God created the marijuana plant. If there was ever a Garden of Eden, I can guarantee you that there were cannabis plants in it. It’s nice to not smoke cannabis, most Canadians don’t get high either, but the method that Americans want to stop most people else from getting high is ludicrous. I am proud to be Canadian, and I’m proud to smoke cannabis. The USA is a neat arena to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live here.

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