Before the boat started to sink, I grabbed my bag of marijuana

It has been a very hot and a humid summer.

Every time I have had a day off of work, I have tried to go to an outdoor activity that involves water.

Sometimes my friends and I go to the beach for the day. It is very exhausting to pack everything up into the wagon and walk through the sand for a half mile, so I don’t go through all of that nonsense unless I am going to spend the whole day there. I will pack up a cooler with drinks, snacks, sandwiches, fruit, and pretzels. I will bring lots of chairs, sunscreen, and an umbrella. Sometimes my friends and I go to the cold water springs. When you go to the springs, you can float down the river on an inner tube or inflatable raft. All of my friends and I were in an inflatable raft that looked like a boat. We were the only people on the river that day. We really didn’t see anyone else out on the water, probably because it was a Monday and everyone else was at work or school. My friends and I had a big bag of marijuana and we were smoking bowls and rolling joints. Everything was going great until we hit a tree that was underneath the water. There was a sharp part of the tree that was just underneath the water and it punctured the bottom of the boat. I quickly grabbed my bag of marijuana. I didn’t want the marijuana to get wet. Of course, we were in the middle of the water and I was going to get wet. There was no stopping the marijuana from getting wet either.