Benefits of pre-rolls

I’m able to purchase them from the dispensary in singles and packs

My preferred cannabis consumption method is smoking flower. While there are unique advantages to vapes, tinctures, edibles and beverages, they aren’t as enjoyable as lighting up a traditional joint. I like the process of smoking as well as the flavor and effects. I appreciate the quick onset of the effects and the ability to pass a joint among friends. Unfortunately, I’m not all that skilled at rolling a joint. I’ve practiced enough to manage it, but my efforts are often lacking. I tend to pack too much cannabis into the joint and end up with a very uneven burn. The joint develops an extremely long ash and needs to be continually relit. Plus, during the process of producing the joint, I create a lot of waste and mess. It’s sometimes inconvenient to spend the time on it, and I also need to have access to a bag of weed, grinder, rolling papers and rolling tray. Because of that, I’ve started purchasing pre-rolls. Initially, I was reluctant because of a worry over inferior quality. There are cheap brands of pre-rolls that load their joints with shake or trim. I don’t want to smoke a bunch of stems, leaves, seeds or residue that has fallen off good quality buds. I am particular about smoking maturely harvested, properly processed flower. I am willing to pay more for a more rewarding experience. After consulting with budtenders and some experimentation, I’ve learned the brands and strains of pre-rolls I like best. I’m able to purchase them from the dispensary in singles and packs. They are available in varieties infused with kief for higher potency and superior flavor.


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