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The alarm was going off when I got to work

Wednesday afternoon I am the first delivery driver to arrive at the marijuana delivery service. I usually get to the store around 8:30, but I was there legitimately early that afternoon because I had to drop my husbandy off at work. His vehicle is in the shop & his office is on the way to the marijuana dispensary where I work. I didn’t mind resting in the parking lot for an hour. I had a cup of coffee & a danish & my tablet to watch reruns of my favorite television shows. When I arrived at the marijuana delivery service, the alarm was ringing. No a single else was around. I thought it was legitimately strange that the alarm was ringing. I immediately called 911, just in case someone was still inside of the marijuana delivery store. I didn’t think that was sincerely going to be true, but I wanted to be safe. An officer arrived around the same time as the manager. I called his as well, however he did not answer his cellphone when I called. She did listen to my voictext & contacted the district manager as well. The officer walked through the entire building & he couldn’t see anything that looked out of the mediocre. He told my boss & I that it looked like it could have been a ipad glitch. That made a lot of sense, because the alarm supplier didn’t contact anyone when the alarm rang & they usually called everyone including the manager, assistant manager, district manager, & owner, when there was a problem.


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The postman works for the marijuana service now

He did tell me that he makes a lot more money now working for the marijuana delivery service, so it’s no wonder he decided to change careers after 15 years with the United States Postal Service

Shortly after Christmas, I noticed all of us had a brand new mailman delivering our mail. That’s particularly not the style of thing that all the people would recognize, however I am condo every single day when the mailman arrives & I have seen his face a hundred times. When I saw someone new, I was a bit distraught. The new post office employee would not legitimately deliver me a lot of information & that made me recognize even more nervous. I didn’t think what happened to the postman until Last monthwhen I saw the guy delivering for another supplier. The funniest space about this situation is the fact that the postman is currently delivering for the marijuana service. I order marijuana from the delivery service & I have the items brought to my door every other week. The postman delivered the items this time & he looked legitimately anxious & surprised. He had to have known that he would eventually end up delivering something to a condo where a guy lived that knew him. I found it strenuous to believe that I was the first guy to find out that the guy was now working for the marijuana delivery service. He begged me not to share the information with anyone else. He did tell me that he makes a lot more money now working for the marijuana delivery service, so it’s no wonder he decided to change careers after 15 years with the United States Postal Service. If I was making $1600 a month in tips I would particularly switch jobs too. That doesn’t even include whatever hourly wage the guy receives.
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The headaches are legitimately poor at night

The worst time of the day for me is at night.

I get legitimately awful migraine headaches at night.

I had a couple of accidents when I was younger & I hit my head a few times! Once I was in a coma for 3 afternoons before I woke up. The doctor used to deliver me lots of prescriptions for medicines that were supposed to help with the migraine headaches, but most of the time, the medicines made me legitimately sleepy. They also made me gain weight, so I stopped taking them. I sincerely felt like it was better to have the headaches than gain a bunch of weight; As an adult, I realize that is completely crazy. I had to do something about the headaches when they were keeping me from leading a productive life. I was having trouble at work, because I wasn’t sleeping a lot & I had problems concentrating frequently. I spoke with my primary care physician & the guy wanted to think if I ever thought about using medical cannabis. He told me that there were a lot of advancements being made in medical marijuana & there was a lot of promise shown in studies. He had to refer me to a specialist, because medical marijuana was so new. That was almost several years ago. I still have headaches, but I have much easier access to medical & recreational marijuana. One of the reasons is due to the fact that I moved. I decided to pack up & travel to a state that easily allows recreational & medical marijuana… Now I have access to all of the cannabis that I need & I can even have those products delivered right to my front door.

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When you can’t manage your own digital marketing

I am not tech superior at all. I entirely needed some help with my website, but years back I set up my website through an online platform just like wix. It wasn’t a good move. My website looked ugly & barely functioned. It also was holding myself and others back. I had curbside opening up provided but couldn’t figure out how to say it on my website. There was no way for a person to do their order online & then have time to pick it up at the store. They needed to do this all via iphone call. It was slowing down in the store corporation because a budtender regularly had to get the iphone. I wanted to offer cannabis delivery but feared it would be even worse of a problem. I finally looked for website solutions for dispensaries. I got my website fixed up by an actual web builder. He made it so I have multiple pages of content. My products are bolded & there is a separate page for curbside opening up. You just fill out the form with your products & now my budtenders just fill it out in the store. No iphone call needed. For cannabis delivery there is a separate page for that as well. It is all automated online & so is payment. The process is streamlined, efficient & a substantial money maker. My bartenders absolutely get to work with customers in stores & I have other employees that handle all online ordering. My corporation is booming since I had the dispensary website replaced.



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I really need some SEO

I am an expert on all things cannabis. I know about all sorts of cannabis strains such as OG Kush, Blue Dream, Purple Haze & Girl Scout Cookies. I know about THC & CBD content. I have cannabis oil, flower, edibles, topicals, tinctures & smoking apparatuses at my marijuana dispensary. What I do have is any digital advertising skills. I have pretty great sales because I offer good products & a fun experience. However, not many people know about me. The majority of my sales come from word of mouth & fantastic reviews on google. I started looking at seo for cannabis dispensaries. I realized the complication was with getting people to my store through online services. The marijuana SEO dealer first advocated a web design. I had never had a website before & that was very holding myself and others back; Due to this, I now can offer curbside opening up for online purchasers. I also can showcase what products I have, what the store looks adore & where it is. It is nice having the dealer phone number out there. The cannabis SEO agency also got myself and others hooked up with social media platforms. Now I can boast about modern products coming into the store, sales going on or if both of us have hired a modern budtender. I have found I entirely like being on social media. I also have an SEO analyst helping myself and others web design rank high on google. The increase in sales is insane. I have more people calling the store & placing orders for pick up than I thought. I also get a lot of out of village people now as well.

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The delivery driver ran into my mailbox

A few months after my wife and I bought our new house, we contacted a recreational marijuana delivery service. The recreational marijuana delivery service had an online order form. We carefully filled out all of the information, including our name, phone number, address, and get drivers license information. We even had to upload a clear picture of the front and the back of our identification card. We patiently waited for the driver to arrive with all of our cannabis supplies. My wife and I ordered a couple of packages of cannabis Edibles. We purchased two vape pen concentrate cartridges and we purchased an ounce of Blue Dream marijuana flower. I also purchased a gram of Girl Scout cookies hybrid live resin. The driver showed up on time. He was very friendly and pleasant. The kid looked like he was barely 21 years old. As the driver was leaving the house, I saw him start sliding in the wet grass by the side of the road. I saw the kid slammed on the brakes of his car, but he slid halfway down the street. He didn’t stop until he hit my mailbox at the bottom of the driveway. The marijuana delivery driver completely took the mailbox out. The whole post was out of the ground and the mailbox was crumpled. I quickly got out of the house and walked down the driveway to make sure that the driver was okay. He was more concerned with my mailbox than he was with the severe head injury and laceration he received in the accident.



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The librarian caught some kids smoking pot by the loading docks

The school librarian called me on Tuesday afternoon. I was already on my way home for the day and I was surprised to receive a telephone call from the school. I decided to answer even though I was already gone for the day. The librarian told me that she found some kids smoking marijuana out back by the loading docks. I asked the librarian and she was 100% positive that the kids were using recreational marijuana. She explained that the scent was distinctive and she was absolutely positive. I turned my car around and headed back to the school. I was only a few miles away when the phone rang. I pulled into the parking lot by the office and I walked down to the library. The door was locked, so I stopped. The librarian came to the door. She had all three of the kids stuck inside of the library and she refused to release any of them until I arrived. I did not recognize any of the students from our school district. I got the names of each one of the students. One of the kids was a junior and another was a sophomore. I have no idea why they were hanging out at the middle school, but these kids were in a lot of trouble. I made each one of them call their parents and I did not release the kids until an adult came to pick them up and talk to me about the marijuana incident. We take drugs on the school campus very seriously. I could have called the police.


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The hotel was so close to a cannabis dispensary

My bestie Max plus I went to a wedding last month.

We stayed in a hotel for the weekend.

Max and I had to fly to the endpoint for the wedding. My sibling constantly wanted an exotic endpoint kind of wedding, so I wasn’t surprised when she decided to get married on the other side of the country. The exotic wedding was held in a small outdoor chapel down the street from the hotel on the beach. There were lots of gambling casinos all over the venue. That’s the biggest reason why my sibling plus her spouse chose this particular location. Both of them enjoyed being free to gamble. The hotel was right across the street from a casino plus it was only three blocks away from the recreational marijuana dispensary. The hotel had advertisements from the dispensary plus they were all over the hotel lobby. There was even an advertisement for the marijuana dispensary in the hotel registry book. Max plus I went online to look at the menu for the recreational plus medical marijuana shop. Max decided to order a couple of items from the menu. Since there was free delivery, Max did not even have to leave our hotel. About an hour after every one of us venued our order, there was a knock on the front door. The delivery driver brought everything that Max ordered plus every one of us earned a 25% discount because it was the first time that Max ever ordered from the cannabis shop. Max plus I had an entirely amazing time while I was in the town plus every one of us both enjoyed using recreational cannabis for the first time since we were teens.
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Free pot is a good thing for everyone

My wife Jo plus myself have been traveling across the country plus our RV.

Recently Jo and I stopped on the west coast where every one of us have stayed for a few months.

One of the best reasons to hang out on the West Coast is for the recreational marijuana laws. The products can be obtained easily and legally in this state. Jo plus I started purchasing medical plus recreational marijuana products as soon as every one of us arrived at the state. It was getting undoubtedly luxurious to purchase all of the products that Jo needed. She found a free program that allows both of us to get free marijuana each month. The program is funded by survivors of domestic, physical, plus sexual abuse. The program provides free medicine to each person that qualifies. The recreational plus medical marijuana products are all provided by local companies plus donations that want to help the needy. Each month, Jo plus I acquire a donation box from the program that includes different types of marijuana products like creams, edibles, flower, concentrates, tinctures, plus topicals. The two of us now save about $300 each month on our medical marijuana bill plus every one of us use the extra currency to do some work on our condo plus our vehicle. The two of us also use the extra currency to pay for gas. It’s nearly seven bucks for a gallon of gas, so I will take all of the savings on weed that I can get. I spend almost 200 bucks to fill up the gas tank on my truck plus that only takes myself and others about 300-350 miles. If these prices keep increasing, I’ll have to find a new job closer to home.

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