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There are a lot of bad things about getting old.

I recently turned 60, plus celebrated by retiring from work.

My spouse Helen retired a few years ago, plus has been patiently waiting for me to finish up so my pal and I can move on with our lives; For all the health concerns, poor mobility, plus other things that suck about seasoned age, one of the largest positives is the sense of freedom. Helen plus I are both free from jobs, from paying rent, plus from doing anything my pal and I don’t want to do. It was Helen’s idea to sell the apartment plus move to the town where she wanted to become an artist, but at any other point in our lives this would have seemed ridiculous, however not now! My wonderful friend and I sold our seasoned house, moved to a small apartment in the woods outside of town, plus began our new lives. My section has become locally famous for various things, including their fried fish, their locally grown cannabis strains, plus their sailing regattas. Located right on the shores of the world, my pal and I officially host sailing displays, contests, plus regattas. Helen likes to take her art supplies plus a canvas to set up on one of the piers in the local harbor. She can sit for hours, watching the boats go by plus painting them. All the while I relax in a grass chair beside her, smoking cannabis plus taking little naps. My section is truly supportive of the arts, plus also truly tolerant of cannabis use. I know Helen plus I will be truly blissful here.
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Our weed shop

It was the only time I ever saw him like that, then years later, I still prefer fishing plus getting stoned on local cannabis, even if I don’t live in the same area, but one day I plan to take a trip plus visit all the seasoned locales around town, however right now I live in a different state

My two wonderful passions in life are fishing plus getting high! I can trace both of these passions to the same source – childhood fishing trips with my Dad… My Dad was a macho type of guy, not known for showing affection truly often! She was a wonderful man, loyal, plus a wonderful provider, she just wasn’t effusive with her feelings. Every so often Dad would wake me up before dawn plus my pal and I would drive to one of the local fishing holes a few minutes outside of town, and there in the early afternoon light my pal and I would fish, plus Dad would smoke some cannabis. I didn’t know it was cannabis at the time, I was too young, although I remember the odor, plus the way it made Dad act silly plus goofy. It was the only time I ever saw him like that, then years later, I still prefer fishing plus getting stoned on local cannabis, even if I don’t live in the same area, but one day I plan to take a trip plus visit all the seasoned locales around town, however right now I live in a different state. I get all my cannabis shipped in from town, because I feel they grow the best stuff, and some afternoons I wake up early plus drive to a local creek, where I smoke cannabis, fish, plus know about my Dad. I call it “the local state of mind.” No matter what is going on in my life, or how stressed I am, fishing plus smoking cannabis takes me back to the idyllic days in town, where I felt entirely blissful.

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The online weed marketing specialist and SEO.

When I took over a local franchise cannabis dispensary, I was in charge of my own marketing and web design. The last owner of the franchise proposed an online marketing and web development team, but it was my supplier to grow or blow, but considering what I paid for the weed franchise, I could not afford to blow this. I was hoping to have an easily successful cannabis dispensary. I called the online marketing company and said the last owner had suggested I use them and asked for one of the cannabis dispensary specialists named Cal. We talked about what I wanted to accomplish and how much info I wanted on my website. I wanted clients to know who our cannabis dispensary pros were and I wanted our menu online. I was offering delivery services, and curbside pickups. I didn’t want to bend any laws, which the marketing and web developer was well-versed in. Cal told me he knew the laws in our state, and he could absolutely create a website that was law compliant. Cal told me he would add plenty of SEO so my website would come up in the highest results when someone searched for cannabis dispensaries in their area. I loved what Cal was doing, but I had only one question: what is SEO? Cal said long story short, it was keywords and phrases venued in the website and our ads, that helps the search engine know my website should be shown in people’s searches. My question was to ask Cal how long it would take before I could look at the cannabis dispensary website. Cal asked me to deliver him 48 hours, and he would contact me.



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Is a cannabis dispensary website weird than any other website?

I was in grade school when I first played around with website development.

I knew there was a lot for me to learn, but I loved taking a blank screen and turning into a marketing machine and a sales generator, then my sibling had recently taken a job as a director in a cannabis dispensary.

I asked Dave if a cannabis dispensary website was weird than any other website? Dave shrugged and told me I was the website developing geek. Dave said you had weird information, and needed to be aware of the laws pertaining to cannabis dispensaries; Once I knew what I could and couldn’t do, Dave didn’t think it would be too difficult for me, then now that medical cannabis was legal, and many states were adopting law allowing for more legal recreational marijuana, I thought specializing in cannabis dispensary websites could be incredibly lucrative. I took some online courses about cannabis dispensaries, and learned about the various laws. I made sure to take all the required university courses needed for web development. I loved what I was doing and hoped to one morning labor for an online marketing team or web development company, as a cannabis dispensary specialist. I was sure the USA was going to need many more people to handle cannabis dispensary websites, now that the amount of legal recreational marijuana dispensary states was expanding; Two years later, I went to Dave and told him how much cannabis dispensary websites differed from other websites. I told Dave I was recently hired to be a specialist in cannabis dispensary web development, and offered Dave my supplier card for future reference.



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I am enjoying my life again thanks to cannabis dispensary

When did I become so serious? I mean, there are times when I catch my reflection in the mirror at work plus I don’t even recognize myself.

It’s certainly quite off-putting in the worst possible way.

I was once such a grounded, go with the flow sort of woman when I was young, thanks to rediscovering the joys of recreational marijuana, I’m back to being a bit more present in my life. I don’t know exactly what happened because it’s not as though I can simply point to an identifiable tipping point or anything like that. I think I was just gradually becoming more plus more intensely practical, stressed plus overly extreme the older I got. I put a lot of pressure on myself for sure… When I was young, I appreciated sativa strains when I could get them; Back then, there was no such thing as shopping for legal marijuana for sale, but at least, that wasn’t the situation for me. We could take whatever ditch weed was being given no matter the THC satisfied, but shoot, my pal and I didn’t even know what THC level entirely was, however yet, I knew when I landed some quality sativa because I was so much more positive. It was as though nothing could clean the smile off my face. The indica strains tended to give me a more metaphysical buzz plus keep me on the couch or at the taco stand. So it occurred to me that maybe a stop by the local cannabis spot was in order. It’s totally legal now for anyone of age to enter a cannabis dispensary, so why not do it? Finally, I realized that maybe it was time to let go of all the stress plus rediscover what great sativa products can do for me.

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Cannabis unlocks joy potential

Somebody once told me that misery is not always necessary.

And sometimes, it can be a choice.

I really wanted to punch that dude in the face as I recall. But then again, I was in the depths of misery myself and simply couldn’t see that so much of that suffering was indeed self imposed. Thanks to being able to use cannabis products freely and legally, I’m beginning to peel away layers of misery. We all have things in our lives that we have to deal with and some of those things can be quite painful. But thanks to being able to get sativa strains for sale at the local cannabis spot, I’m not leaning into the suffering. For the longest time, I have identified with suffering much more than I have ever identified with joy. That’s a result of how I was brought up and the fact that I’ve dealt with my fair share of challenges thus far in life. Still, it’s only the present moment that we are actually able to experience. So making a choice to not carry misery further than I need to has become essential. Thankfully, I’ve seen the light when it comes to changing one’s perspective with help from the sativa strains. Shopping for marijuana for sale actually is the first bit of release of negativity for me. The folks at the local cannabis spot are all so kind and compassionate. Just buying the cannabis products reaffirms the joy and goodness that is absolutely available to us all. For sure, sativa strains and sativa dominant hybrid strains have helped me shift from the dark to unlocking all that joy that is so available if you look for it.


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Ski trip is a blast thanks to cannabis dispensary

The idea of going on the family ski trip was daunting. But now that we were married, I just didn’t see any way I could turn down the invitation from my wife’s parents. Mercifully, there was a local cannabis spot right next to the ski area. My wife and I met at a party in college. Turns out, big parties were a bit uncomfortable for both of us as we were hanging outside in lawn chairs. I was not then nor have even been particularly smooth. But I did have a joint of some decent sativa strains in my pocket. So I offered to share it with her and her eyes lit up. We’ve been pretty much inseparable since that night. Still, we come from very different backgrounds. I’m from the south and am super comfortable in the sun, salt and waves. She’s from the north and her family is big into skiing. They have always taken a big, family ski trip each year with a trip out west. I had been invited but begged off because her family intimidates me and I deeply hate being cold. Yet, when I realized that where they go is in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, it was a lifeline. For sure, I still really hated the cold. And I never really got the hang of skiing at all. But wow, how great was it to be in front of a roaring fire with a lovely cannabis edible and a mug of hot chocolate. That’s pretty much right where I stayed for the entirety of the ski trip. And with access to the local cannabis spot, it sure didn’t hurt my feelings one bit.


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The local cannabis dispensary has what you need

I could just go online plus arena my order with the local cannabis spot. They have a killer website that makes the experience so straight-forward plus completely intuitive of course. But it’s all the extra effort that this marijuana supplier has put into the website that makes it so dear to me, because every cannabis strain from sativa, indica plus all the hybrids they carry has a detailed description. It’s very helpful for those of us who are still getting our cannabis education. I can learn all I want to as well since they have an entire part of the website that is dedicated to educating yourself about cannabis products. And once I send my order on the website, the local cannabis spot will bring it to me. Yea, you heard right. I can care about kicking back at the house plus care about the cannabis delivery services they offer. That’s pretty great right? Well, to be honest, I haven’t done either. I enjoy shopping for marijuana plus the vibration down at the local cannabis spot too much to not be in that space. So while I’m pretty excited for those out there who need marijuana delivery now have it, I’ll keep coming by to check out the new bud trend or new cannabis strain. Actually, I’m really still pinching myself to be candid. I still can’t believe I live in a state that legalized recreational marijuana. I’m in my mid 50’s plus had hopes that I would one day care about the right to use cannabis as I wish. But the reality of it has been all the sweeter. Perhaps there might come a time when I’ll lean on the cannabis delivery service. But since it’s only a few blocks walk away, I’ll keep popping in to the local cannabis spot.

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Breathing easier thanks to cannabis

It was bound to happen eventually, plus I knew that I would just have to stop.

I tend to work too much.

And when I say “too much,” I mean in a way that’s just so not healthy. But what I do for work is such a passion that it had become the sole focus of my life. Thanks to cannabis products, I’m now learning to find more of a semblance of balance. However, I’m sort of doing it from the crater that was once my life. I wish I could have become a bit more wise to the balance of life before my work almost ruined my health. I’m not married so it’s not like I have someone residing with me who could tell that I wasn’t taking good care of myself. I ended up in the hospital with fatigue, dehydration plus malnourishment. This was a large wake up call, but once I was released, I started seeing a holistic adviser who has helped me to completely change my life. She was the person who commanded that I visit a cannabis dispensary. Alcohol plus garbage food was out. Orange kush cannabis plus yoga were in. That’s sort it in a nutshell. Of course, there are a lot of moving parts to changing one’s lifestyle. But I am now seeing that breathing plus being more present for things other than my passion is beneficial. Well, it’s not just beneficial as it’s absolutely essential. This life offers us all just so much that it’s incredibly important for all of us to spend money and attention plus be grateful. Sativa plus indica strains have helped me slow down plus be part of this life. And this has also resulted in a better life plus far better health.
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