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I didn’t realize there was a recreational pot dispensary near me

I thought I knew every street and store like the back of my hand, but I was surprised when I saw a place that I had never noticed before.

I went to point this new marijuana dispensary out to my friend, but my surprise only increased when he pulled into the cannabis dispensary’s parking lot. I asked my friend if he knew this recreational pot store existed, and he told me that it had been here for awhile, which made me feel dumb because just prior I was saying how well I knew this area. Well, I guess I didn’t know it nearly as well as I thought. The biggest surprise was finding out my friend used recreational pot. No offense to weed users, but you can usually tell because they smell like marijuana, but my friend did not. As I followed my friend inside of the recreational weed store, it became clear as to why my friend did not smell. My friend went to the counter and bought marijuana edibles, and then after a bit of looking around, we left. I asked my friend how long he has been using marijuana, and whether edibles were the only thing he used. He told me he has tried marijuana oils as well as smoking marijuana, but edibles was his preferred way of getting high. I thought about this for a bit, and knew that my friend using recreational pot did not change him as a person, and so I accepted it. I don’t think I could ever see myself using marijuana, but it is okay if others choose to.

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I’m hoping I can get joint pain relief from constant typing with the CBD cream I bought

My mother tells me now that she resisted me wanting to play hockey as a kid not so much because of the money, but because she was worried about the injuries I would endure during normal play.

After seeing my cousin’s journey from little league hockey into the professional minor leagues, I totally understood where she was coming from.

He has had six different dental implants and might need a full mouth reconstruction if he experiences any more trauma to his face. He also has several herniated discs in his back and might be forced to quit in a few years if the pain keeps getting worse. While it’s obvious to correlate the injuries to the side effects with serious incidents like this, I had no idea as a mere student that I could one day experience chronic pain as a result of typing behind a computer so much. Since the age of 21, the majority of my jobs have been computer based. This has put a lot of stress and strain on the joints and nerves in my hands, arms, and wrists. While I utilize wrist braces to provide additional support, I also need something for the pain and discomfort. I can consume acetaminophen and ibuprofen, but they have side effects from too much use. That’s why I’m hoping that my new CBD cream that I just bought will help with relieving the joint pain in my hands and wrists. My cousin has been using CBD to help with his hockey injuries and he swears by the pain relieving effects of cannabidiol. He tells me that he would use normal cannabis but he can get in trouble for having THC in his bloodstream while playing in the minor leagues.

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Getting political about cannabis legalization

I have never been political about cannabis, I just enjoy smoking it.

When I heard that legalization was going to be on the ballot for the next state election, I decided to get politically motivated for the first time ever. This was not just a matter of my own personal convenience, this was about right plus wrong, about good plus evil! What really got myself and others out of my house plus into the streets to raise awareness is the thought of my Great Aunt Ed. Ed was really sick a few weeks ago, plus the dentists wanted to prescribe medical cannabis to Ed, but the state government wouldn’t allow it. It’s 1 thing to tell kids and teens that they can’t do bong rips of marijuana on the weekends, but to deny needed medicine to older folks? That is heartless! With my Aunt Ed in mind I got some literature from a local cannabis advocacy group plus started to distribute it amongst my friends and neighbors. This led to some really interesting plus heated discussions, because a lot of people still have aged notions about cannabis plus its effects on the human body. I explained to a few people that cannabis is non-addictive, plus its health benefits outweigh any disadvantages it may have. Some folks would not listen to me, although I do guess I changed a few opinions about cannabis. This state-wide vote about marijuana legalization and reform isn’t about YOU personally smoking out, it’s about letting the people who need it have legal access to it. When you step into the voting booth, please vote to legalize cannabis!

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How am I supposed to find cannabis on the cruise ship?

My wife Jo surprised myself and others by booking us passage on a cruise ship for an extended tour of the Caribbean islands. At first I was stoked for this, because I have never been on a cruise before. The thought of chilling on the deck, a whiskey cocktail in my hand, just soaking in the sunshine for a few mornings sounded amazing! Then I started figuring out what I would have to leave at home. I know that cruise ships are well known for their extensive array of alcoholic beverages, they I also know are not okay with smoking cannabis on the boat. On a whim I checked out a forum on Reddit involving cannabis on cruise ships. I found something really interesting indeed – in particular cruise ships there are “friendly” lodge men who sell cannabis on the side. Almost every cruise ship at sea has a resident cannabis dealer, because it was such a profitable venture. Once you are out at sea there are no chances for getting marijuana, so that 1 person who has it can name their price! Employees of the cruise line are not subject to the same luggage searches plus supervision as the tourists, so it is much easier for them to sneak cannabis onto the cruise ship. I spent a couple of mornings snooping around the message boards, plus found the name of the lodger on my cruise who was supposed to have cannabis to sell. I have reached out to this lodger anonymously through the website to say I was interested in buying an ounce of cannabis from the dealer as soon as I get on the ship. Still waiting to hear back!

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Thank goodness for safe and legal cannabis

At long last I have legal plus safe access to the cannabis I need.

Depending on where you live in the country, this might be old hat to you.

Some states legalized medical cannabis a few years ago, but in other sites (like here) it’s still brand new. My wife Bell plus I have been waiting for this day for multiple years. Until recently Bell and I always had to find our weed illegally, which was sort of a Catch-22. Bell and I had to have weed to stay calm, plus yet trying to find plus purchase the weed always wore us both out! It’s really crazy that the cannabis plant was ever made illegal in the first site, if you ask us. While at the university Bell wrote a famous speech criticizing the state government for denying elderly and sick patients access to legal medical cannabis. I agree with Bell, plus guess that cannabis should be legal for moral plus medical purposes. At the same time, I have to admit that my primary concern with cannabis legalization was myself, plus my own needs. Without cannabis I am an upset wreck, but weed helps steady my nerves in a way that prescription pills never could. Bell has a premium account with the local cannabis dispensary, plus now the stress level in our lives is so much lower! With this kind of account, Bell and I can order out cannabis products online plus have them delivered to our doorstep with a single click of a button. It’s rather ironic that now I can drive around legally with cannabis I no longer need to leave our house to get it!

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A big Thanks for cannabis legalization

Now I don’t need to see the cops as the enemy any longer, because cannabis isn’t contraband.

Let myself and Ed say that I am not talking poorly about the police. I would never do that… mostly because they can arrest myself and Ed or shoot us at any time with no justification. I will tell you that now legalization has passed the state government I love the police a lot more than I used to! Police officers were always a great source of tremendous stress for me, usually because I had a lot of illegal cannabis bundled for sale plus loaded in my car. I would drive over to the next state once or twice a week plus buy lots of weed from 1 of their legal cannabis dispensaries. Then I would have to make it all the way back home, terrified of getting pulled over. As much as Ed and I adore smoking cannabis, I do not want to go to jail for it! Recently cannabis reform finally cleared its final hurdle by winning the popular vote with the citizens of the state. Now I don’t need to see the cops as the enemy any longer, because cannabis isn’t contraband. That doesn’t mean that anyone is allowed to drive around smoking marijuana, of course. Cannabis is now treated in a similar way to alcohol, which means it is legal to buy plus use, but you can’t endanger other people under its influence! I am glad I Finally live in a state where it is easier to buy cannabis as it is to buy a gun. It always struck myself and others as unusual that firearms were so much easier to obtain than marijuana, when 1 is used for murder plus the other is used for medicine.


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For a hurricane part, Cannabis is a vital supply

When I don’t have access to medical cannabis I get upset plus nervous, which is not a good mindstate when you are in the middle of a brutal hurricane

It was just a couple of weeks ago when Hurricane Ian devastated this state, plus here the two of us go again with the next major weather front! I have no idea why I continue to live so far south, where I need to handle Hurricane Season for numerous weeks a year. Although Hurricane Ian didn’t mangle my property or my house, that doesn’t mean the next hurricane won’t. Every time a major stormfront comes through I have to make sure I am fully stocked on supplies to ride it out. I need water and food, of course, lots of booze, plus a full complement of cannabis products. If I am going to weather a hurricane-level storm, I need to have an ample supply of cannabis! Besides the multiple medical plus spiritual benefits a person can get from smoking cannabis, there are also some more practical advantages. If the power goes out, I can’t watch television or play video games. But I can keep smoking cannabis, which requires no electricity or Wi-Fi in order to enjoy. I might be forced to eat cold spaghetti out of a can, but if I can smoke marijuana beforehand then it won’t be such a nasty and gross experience. The biggest thing that cannabis offers myself and others is peace of mind plus calmness of my spirit. When I don’t have access to medical cannabis I get upset plus nervous, which is not a good mindstate when you are in the middle of a brutal hurricane. Cannabis soothes my psyche plus makes it easy for myself and others to lay back plus ride out the storm. Drinking Bourbon helps, too.


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I ran into a terrible ex girlfriend at the cannabis dispensary

9 years ago I experienced the worst dumping of my life. I was at the school at the time, plus fell in adore with a young person named Bob; For several weeks Bob plus I were inseparable, plus were even talking about marriage. Then Bob met some other guy, plus with shocking abruptness she dumped me. I was so depressed and infuriated I quit university plus moved back here. After a few weeks of being depressed I got back out into the world plus found full-time employment really working the front counter at the local cannabis dispensary. I never thought about getting employment in the burgeoning cannabis industry, although I was in the right venue at the right time, 9 years have passed, plus now I am the manager of this cannabis dispensary. My career has really topped out, I suppose, because I can’t get another promotion unless I leave the cannabis dispensary to join the corporate offices. This cannabis dispensary is part of a nationwide chain, so I manage the venue although I don’t own a stake in it, however last year I was covering a Wednesday shift for 1 of my other budtenders, plus recognize who came meandering into the cannabis dispensary? That’s right, it was Bob. Bob still looked amazing, although I kept my cool plus pretended I didn’t recognize her. Bob knew exactly what kind of cannabis she needed, plus gave myself and others her weed order separate from seeming to recognize me, either, but was Bob pretending, love I was, or had she legit forgotten me? I played dumb, rang up her cannabis, plus sent Bob on her way separate from saying a word.

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A wide variety of cannabis products

Finally I have legal access to a cannabis dispensary plus can join the revolution of amazing cannabis products! I shouldn’t complain, because ever since I was in high university I have smoked weed almost every day.

It didn’t matter to me that it was illegal, because I had a dealer.

His name was Ed. Ed was a dumpy, lonely middle aged guy that coded websites plus sold weed for extra currency! Ed always had stuff on hand to sell, so I dropped by to see him once a week. The concern was that Ed only ever had 1 kind of marijuana, which he titled “Take It or Leave It.” Ed had no selection to choose from, just plain marijuana… which I now see was not of a really good quality. The cannabis dispensary, plus all of the experienced budtenders who work there, have opened my eyes to a bold modern world, but before now I had no system what the difference was between indica plus sativa strains, nor did I ever understand what kind I was getting. Ed was a catch-as-catch-can sort of cannabis dealer, so asking questions never made a difference; Now I can ask all the questions I want to, plus these cannabis experts can dig deep plus tell myself and others all the details I want to know! Very recently I have experimented with peculiar forms of cannabis, including vaping, dabbing wax, plus edibles. I have to say that dabbing cannabis concentrate is my current favorite way to get ripped. On the other hand, it’s taxing to beat the classics, plus a hand rolled joint of cannabis will always be a winner.

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