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I think I want a concentrate

I never love to walk into situations totally not ready for it.

So what I do is a lot of research early on.

I knew I needed to get some products at the cannabis dispensary for our depression. I just wasn’t sure what style of cannabis products would work for me. First I looked up our state requirements. I didn’t need a medical weed card. I could just walk in and get what I wanted off the shelves. Second, I looked up what kind of cannabis dispensary had the best products. I wanted fantastic reviews, trained budtenders and seed to sale items. After that I started figuring out what kind of cannabis product I want to use. There are all sorts of ways you can get cannabis into the body. You can smoke it. That means a loose leaf flower or an oil based product. I didn’t want to smoke a joint, bong or hookah. I also didn’t want to vape and have the vape with myself and others at all times. There are all odd kinds of edibles. There is more than just the typical pot brownie. That seemed like it could really expire and be worthless calories to me. A topical wouldn’t particularly work for our issue either. I found that a concentrate was what I needed. There are even dispensaries with dab bars that you can try them out. I didn’t require that however. I knew what 1 I wanted, where it was in the store I wanted and how much it ws. When the time was ready, I then grabbed my purse and picked it up. It felt fantastic to think exactly what was going into our body.

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Finding something to help my public speaking

When I was promoted at work I noticed that I would need to lead a lot of talks and meetings.

I am not particularly fantastic at public speaking. I right away start to sweat, get red in the face and tend to flub our words. I started getting particularly distraught about it. I tried practicing our speech but that did not help. I found that a lot of people take cannabis for stress. Since our state offers both recreational and medical weed, I figured I would just pop into the cannabis dispensary to see what they offered. I didn’t want to smoke a joint or vape cannabis oil at work though. I particularly didn’t want people to think I needed weed in order to get through a work day. I talked to the worker at the cannabis dispensary for some assistance. I wanted to think if there was something small and without an odor. The budtender right away told myself and others that I needed to try an edible for our troubles. He showed myself and others a whole world of cannabis products. There are all sorts of odd edibles out there. You can make space cakes, pot brownies, cookies, gummies and handy candies. There are candies, gums and tablets too. I found that the mouth spray was what I liked the best. It looks like a normal breath freshening spray. I just do a few squirts in our mouth during the day and right before any kind of meeting. Nobody knows that I am spraying THC straight into our mouth to calm me down.


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Brother has arthritis

Since he is a medical cannabis patient he can take it with him when he does the snowbird thing.

When our brother started having pain in his hands from arthritis and getting leg cramps at night, I pushed him to try medical cannabis… At first our brother tried eating gin soaked raisins, icy hot, a heating pad, ice, etc. None of those remedies worked. She didn’t want to go to the nurse and get medication. So medical weed was nice in between. I guess our brother thought he was going to need to smoke a bong and get high; For chronic pain, you don’t have to do that. You can take a pure CBD oil to cut down the inflammation in your body. You also can do a topical. That is what his nurse commanded. Now our brother uses a cannabis infused cream every day and night. There is a more powerful cream for his arthritis than the leg cramps. They both work wonders though. My brother says he feels love putting a more powerful icy hot on his body. It odors much better and does not leave a gross residue either. My brother likes how portable it is. The creams are quite tiny and he can stick them in a bag if he does overnight somewhere. It is so straight-forward to travel with it. Since he is a medical cannabis patient he can take it with him when he does the snowbird thing. My brother has never needed to show his card however. It is not like there are police animals looking for small creams with no THC amount in them. My brother doesn’t get any of those cannabis effects since it doesn’t even get into his bloodstream. It just numbs the area.

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The anxiety relief solution

My Mom suffers from anxiety.

She is the type of lady who is not sure when she is stressed though, however when her anxiety got particularly bad, she was having trouble driving to work.

Then our family got involved; My dad right away took her to the nurse. The whole experience was horrible. Mom had to wait over an hour to see a nurse that refused to give her pills without a thorough exam. Then the pills had some pretty bad side effects. My Mom wasn’t particularly fantastic about getting the pills either. She would frequently forget to refill the prescription, pick it up or call it in. More often than not our mother was off the medication! Every year when the prescription was up, she would dread going to the nurse. It wasn’t working at all for her. So I started doing some research. I found that medical cannabis was a better solution for my mother. That nurse’s visit took maybe 5 minutes and required only talking. Then our mother got a medical cannabis card in the mail after paying a small fee. She has a prescription for a particular amount of cannabis oil each week. Mom can grab it from the cannabis dispensary anytime she wants or have it delivered on a biweekly basis home. Mom can vape the cannabis oil when she is at work since she works outdoors. My Mom is constantly on cannabis now and has shown wonderful results! Refilling the prescription isn’t a large hassle either. My mother doesn’t dread that visit.

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Want to be healthy

I try to be as healthy as I can.

  • That is why I exercise so many days a week, and I do a fantastic stretch beforehand, a warm up, some cardio and a bit of strength training.

I try to hit all areas of our body to get a fantastic workout in. I also make sure to watch what I eat. I am a vegan. I have eliminated fatty foods, oil, red sauce, cheesy foods and sugar. That is so I don’t have acid reflux anymore. I love to dump hemp seeds into a few of our meals! Hemp is derived from the cannabis plant. I can get the hemp seeds and the hemp seed oil right at our local cannabis dispensary. I will toss hemp seeds in a salad or a smoothie. I will sometimes put the hemp seed oil in a drink. I hardly notice them but they make all the difference. It provides extra protein, omega 3 fatty acids and is great for heart health, then other products I take are CBD oil at night. I used to sleep particularly poorly… Now with CBD oil, I am relaxed enough to sleep at night. The last cannabis dispensary product I take is a topical. It is a skincare regime all with marijuana in it. I have a cleanser, face cream and oil that is meant to brighten, tighten and clear your skin up. I love the odor and the feeling. Skincare products don’t get me high. They just reduce inflammation and sebum production in our body, and so I have smooth, clear skin when I take it.

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We got high and played video games all weekend

Jack and I have been dating for 6 months. I met Jack when I was on spring break. We were both in the party pool when they dropped the big ball. We don’t go to the same college, so it makes things a little bit more difficult than a traditional relationship. I like the guy a lot, so we do our best to make things work. Last weekend Jack came to visit me. We had the visit plan for several weeks. Jack bought his ticket two months in advance so it would be cheaper. I did not expect to have the flu on the weekend that Jack arrived. I was unfortunately sick and there was nothing that I could do about it. I told Jack that he should stay home, because I knew that he was going to get sick. He was not going to miss out on the time with me, even if he ended up getting the flu too. He brought me chicken noodle soup and sore throat lozenges. He stopped at a recreational marijuana dispensary and brought lots of different products. He brought me some edible gummy worms, marijuana candies and a chocolate bar that was infused with thc. He brought me several pre-rolled marijuana joints too. I couldn’t smoke them, but I ate all of the pre-rolls. We got high and played video games all weekend. Even though I was sick, I was glad that Jack decided to come and visit. He made me feel a lot better than I would have felt if I had spent the entire weekend by myself.

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I can't feel edibles right away, but smoking is a different story

When I first began using medical marijuana, all I did was eat edibles.

The doctor told me that edibles would work out best.

I chewed a couple of edible or gummy coins or candies. They barely did anything to help with the pain. I honestly thought the doctor was crazy. I was ready to go back to pain pills when someone suggested trying smokable flower instead. Smoking marijuana is a lot different than having a gummy or an edible. Marijuana that is inhaled hits you very quickly and almost immediately. As soon as I smoked the first puff from the marijuana joint, I began to feel high almost instantly. There was no waiting around like when you take a CBD or THC gummy. I felt the effects instantly and my knees and the rest of my body felt younger than they have in 10 years. I went for a walk and instead of stopping at the end of the block, I walked all the way to the grocery store and back. I haven’t walked that far since I was in my 40s. I walked almost 2 miles with the kids on Saturday before I had to go home for a rest. I spent the whole day with the grandkids and I didn’t feel tired or worn out at all while I was using medical marijuana products. It was easily one of the most enjoyable days I can remember having with the grandkids thanks to medical marijuana. I am so thankful that someone told me about smokeable flower. It works so much better than edibles.


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My girlfriend and I tried to tackle the maze

We smoke a marijuana joint and try to solve the puzzle while we are high

My girlfriend and I get along really well. We are both into the same type of activities. We met at the gym when both of us were on the treadmill. We both laughed when we agreed that leg day was the worst day of the week. We started meeting up at the gym every Tuesday and eventually I asked her out for dinner. She looked absolutely great in the dress that she picked out. It was blue and red with little tiny dots all over the front. We went to a bistro that serves the best linguine and clam sauce. My girlfriend said that was her favorite pasta dish and I love Italian food. My girlfriend and I also both enjoy recreational marijuana. That is one thing that I really like about our relationship. My last girlfriend did not like the fact that I smoked marijuana. She would get aggravated when my friends and I would smoke weed at the house. She never really said anything, but I know that it bothered her. My current girlfriend doesn’t care if I stay at home and smoke weed all day long. She is a video game designer. The two of us love to go to escape rooms. We smoke a marijuana joint and try to solve the puzzle while we are high. We recently went to a maze. The corn maze was a really neat and interesting Halloween event. We thought that the maze would be easy to complete, but it took us almost 3 hours and we were lost for most of that time.
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The budtender didn't add the extra items to my order

I went online yesterday and I placed an order with the marijuana delivery service.

I wanted to add a couple of items to the order, so I called the marijuana delivery service directly.

I did not want to place a second order and have them arrive at different times of the day. I contacted the marijuana delivery service directly. I spoke with a bartender on the phone named alex. I asked him to add the items to my order. I gave him my name and my phone number and I even verified my address information with him. The guy told me that he would add the items to the order. The next day when the driver arrived, the extra order items were missing. I was very upset and frustrated, because I called to make sure that the items would be added to the order. I called the dispensary and I spoke with the manager. I explained the situation and I told her that I talked to the employee named Alex the previous day. Alex was actually working at the dispensary. He remembered taking my call and he also remembered never adding the items to the order. I’m sure that guy got into a load of trouble. The manager comped all three of the items that were supposed to be added to my order. She sent them out with a delivery driver free of charge. The manager also sent a couple of free items and samples. There was a half gram of marijuana resin and a couple of different types of edibles. There were also several different pre-rolls in the bottom of the bag.

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