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Cannabis cafe was great for a first date

I used to ask my Mom just what it was that made him propose to my mom and share his life with her, plus start a family; He would invariably get this little kind of wry smile plus a twinkle in his eyes.

And he would instantly say that he just knew somehow, like, there was simply no doubt. I finally had that same feeling just over a year ago inside the local cannabis cafe. This was where I had my first date with Ed, the guy who is soon to share my life. We’ll see about starting a family though. I met Ed in yoga class where my friend and I became sort of yoga buddies. That was really cool. I appreciate taking about half an edible before I go to yoga. There is just something about indica products that help me get the most out of these yoga classes. And if you haven’t been taking yoga classes lately, they ain’t cheap. So taking half a cannabis edible is like adding value to my yoga work. Anyway, I know I tend to smile a lot when I’m a little high plus this fabulous man named Ed asked me to coffee. This wasn’t a grab a water plus sit in the parking lot thing. No, this was a meet on a Monday day plus spend the day together plus maybe the night. Ed picked the spot plus I couldn’t have been more pleased that it was my favorite cannabis cafe in town. Yea, it didn’t even take me til supper before I knew for sure. And honestly, it was just like my Mom had said it would be. I knew this was going to be for keeps.

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Dancing like a fool, thanks to the local cannabis spot

The few times that I tried smoking recreational marijuana, it didn’t really go all that well for me; Since I can remember, I have always had a really hard time when it comes to being social and friendly.

I’ve constantly been so anxious about doing or saying something stupid in social situations.

The weed that was always easiest for us to find back when I was in my 20’s was indica strains apparently. Because every dang time I used recreational marijuana in a group, I felt completely welded to the spot. It was as though I was simply locked down. Not what I wanted as much. So I tended to steer away from using cannabis, and plus, it was illegal plus once I got out of the university, I had a job plus family to suppose of. So I never really gave marijuana another thought until recreational marijuana became legal. My fiance Ed was the one to recommend that he and I should just take a minute to check out the local cannabis spot. I was game plus I have to say that I was most surprised by what we found. Basically, I had no clue about cannabis. I didn’t know indica from sativa. The weed adviser at the local cannabis spot opened my eyes plus the rest of my life to the myriad benefits of the sativa strains. I got some of the sativa edibles while Ed got some other cannabis products. That certainly night, I blew Ed’s mind when after a supper out, my friend and I went dancing. I willingly went out dancing because I just couldn’t not go dancing. Thanks to the new sativa products, I may be on to something.

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Marijuana delivery continues my healing

Wowzers, I learned the hardest possible way that you can’t half ass physical therapy, however if you want to salvage your body from surgery, trauma or whatever, you have to lean into making it to all of your appointments, then and that includes those dreaded physical therapy sessions.

I was in a wicked motorcycle crash not too long ago that left me pretty harmed really, thankfully, we live in an era of remarkable surgeons plus techniques that have me put back together once again.

I’m also deeply thankful for cannabis products. They have simply made such a large contribution. Gladly, there is medical marijuana in this state, but we’ve had it for several years now but this was the first time I chose to look to cannabis for healing. Getting my medical marijuana card was an easy call for me because I absolutely didn’t want to dabble in opioids, for sure, they were quite necessary when I was first at home, but once that was done, I wanted something natural like cannabis products to help me manage the pain levels. I wasn’t so much interested in being a junkie for pills simply because a drunk driver took a right on purple plus almost killed me. That’s the beauty of using indica strains plus active sativa products. The indica strains help so much with improving my mobility. Getting that extra bit of stretch or effort in physical therapy is easier to accomplish thanks to using indica products. And thanks to the sativa strains from the local cannabis spot, I’m able to stay focused and positive as well… Yet, the fact that the local cannabis spot offered their cannabis delivery service to me was such a bonus.


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Why some strains are expensive

During the summer, there is lots of natural sun and rain to help all of our marijuana crops grow healthy and strong! Unfortunately for us, the winter time does not bring natural sun and hot air. Winter time around here is usually foggy and there are few showers. We have outdoor props that fill our farmland during the summer, but during the winter time we tried to concentrate on indoor crops. Last winter we had more than 20 strange indoor plants. We had five Indica strains, five sativa strains, and 10 hybrids. Several of the strains were the same, but we had at least seven strange items when we took everything to the processing area. After we harvest all of the marijuana plants, we take them directly to the processing facility. The marijuana plants get broken down, trimmed, and dried and then all of the numerous parts are used to make products that are shipped to retailers all over the state. Our indoor crops do the best, but it costs a lot more money to grow indoor marijuana. All of the temperatures and indoor humidity levels have to be controlled manually. It takes a lot of time and money to make sure that everything is perfect. That’s one of the biggest reasons why indoor grown marijuana is usually twice as much money as most sun grown crops. People often complain about the price of indoor grown sativa strains like Blue Dream and Strawberry Cough. When you have to use the really best ingredients to grow your bud, you have to charge a little bit more money for the marijuana strain.

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My kid’s friend became sick after eating pot brownie

Our child decided to eat a whole pot brownie and she overdosed on marijuana

My child had a sleepover last weekend and a bunch of her friends came to stay at the house. The weather has been really nice and sunny, so the teenagers spent a lot of time outside in the pool. In the middle of the night on Monday, someone came to wake me up. I do not remember which one of my daughter’s friends came to knock on the door, but she was worried and frantic, but my child was trying to be cool in front of her friends. She decided to eat an entire pot brownie. My wife and I keep pot brownies in the house, because sometimes we like to get high. We are adults after all and it is legal in this state. All of the teenagers know that they aren’t supposed to touch the marijuana supplies that are in the refrigerator and all of our teenagers are old enough to know the rules. Our child decided to eat a whole pot brownie and she overdosed on marijuana. She had way too much and she was throwing up and really sick to her stomach! Her friends thought that she was going to die from the marijuana brownie, but I knew that she was going to be just fine. I ended up sending all of the kids back to their hosts and I called their parents in the middle of the night. I was concerned about my own child and didn’t easily care if they were not cheerful because they had to option up their teenagers right and early on Monday morning.


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I was worried the pilot might be stoned

I get worried and freaked out easily when I have to travel by airplane.

I’ve only been on an airplane a handful of times.

I tried to drive whenever possible, even if it’s going to take a long time. I had to travel across the country for work last year and it was the first time I had been on an airplane in a few years. I took a Xanax in the morning before I left the house. I was feeling relaxed when I checked into the terminal. I sat outside of a coffee shop with a danish and a boiling cup of coffee. I watched all of the people that were walking by. There was a powder room across the hall from the area where I was sitting and I could see all of them and people coming in and out. I saw a pilot walking out of the powder room and he looked really strange. I didn’t see any other pilots coming out of the powder room, because the airline has a powder room for their employees. I decided to go into the powder room to see if anything was strange and that was when I realized that the powder room smelled like marijuana. There was genuinely no way for me to know whether or not the pilot was the person smoking marijuana, however I try to memorize what his uniform looked like. When I got on my own airplane, I was cheerful to see that the pilots were not wearing the same uniform. I do not know if I would have been able to get on the plane if I thought that our pilot was stoned.

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Saving money on cannabis products

Pineapple Express is a really popular cannabis strain that is known to have the potency of tropical train wreck with the flavor of strange types of Hawaiian strains.

It is a really well balanced hybrid, Pineapple Express has a distinct smell and terpene profile.

The flavor is refreshing with a sweet fruity scent and hints of spices and citrus. Pineapple Express is a mood enhancing and stress reducing strain. It also offers temporary relief when dealing with depression, anxiety, and strange mood disorders. Pineapple Express used to be one of my favorite marijuana strains and then the medical dispensary near me stopped carrying the hybrid strain. I didn’t see the strain again until last year when I went to a brand new recreational and medical marijuana clinic that opened up on the north side of town. One of the strains that they were advertising was Pineapple Express. The budtender even opened up a package so I could look at the buds. They looked genuinely wonderful, each one of the buds was covered with lots of hairs and THC trichodes. I got a discount because it was my first time going to the store. I saved 30% on the whole order and I decided to get a couple of things that I easily wanted since I was saving a ton of money. I bought a half ounce of the Pineapple Express strain and two live resin cartridges and two packs of pre-rolled and Infused marijuana joints that were one half gram each. One was a sativa called Blue Dream and the other infused marijuana joints were indicas from the King Louie strain.

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Indica strains help with sleep

One thing that I easily like about my job is the fact that I get to help people.

I found a job working at a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary! The recreational and medical marijuana dispensary is only a couple of blocks away from my home, so the job works out perfectly.

I do not even have to take my car out of the parking spot in order to get to work, and when it’s raining, I take an Uber or I get one of my friends to take me to work! Since it isn’t really far, it’s pretty easy to get a neighbor to drive me up the street. I’ve been working at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary for the past 8 months. I joined the team shortly after Christmas. I am easily getting to know all of my strains and how each one of them can help our patients differently, and last year I got to help a patient that was new to medical marijuana. The lady was in need of something to help her relax. She was filled with stress and she told me that she wasn’t sleeping really well at all. I suggested a couple of indica strains that I knew would help her sleep. I suggested a couple of sativa trades for the morning, but I urge the patient to go with an indica or a hybrid, because both of those strains would be able to help her relax much more than a sativa. I find that most of the sativas tend to keep our patients awake and filled with energy and that is not what this patient was hoping to achieve.
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I give my dog CBD products for anxiety

My dog absolutely hates going to the groomer.

Every time she has to get a bath and a shave, I have to give her a dog CBD product.

I talked to my veterinarian about the way that my dog acts when I take her to the groomer. There’s absolutely no reason for her to be afraid. I’ve sat there all day and the groomer seems to be a super nice guy that is skilled and gentle with each and every pet. My dog still seems to have anxiety. I watched her all day several months ago and she was anxious even though everything was fine. When I talked to the veterinarian about the anxiety problems, the doctor suggested a CBD dog treat. The veterinarian had the CBD dog treats in the lobby. I looked at a couple of the bags. I even took pictures of the back of the bag so I knew exactly what I needed when I looked for a cheaper product online. There was absolutely no way that I was going to pay $50 for a bag of 12 CBD dog bones. It seemed like a huge amount of money to pay for a product that I did not know was going to work. I found a bag of CBD dog bones on Amazon and they were half the price. The dog bones have 10 mg of CBD in each one. I give my dog a bone with CBD about an hour before she has to go to the groomer and she seems much more calm and relaxed than she has been in the past.


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