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Getting delivery of pain remedies from dispensary

A few years ago, I hurt my back quite badly.

It happened during a home remodeling project.

I installed drywall on the ceiling by myself. Although I chop the sheets in half, the size and weight was still too much for me. I am a five-foot tall woman in my mid fifties. I needed to use the top of my head and my left hand to hold the sheets in position while I operated the drill with my right! At the time, the process was awkward and painful. However, I didn’t fully realize the harm I was causing my body, but because I workout every afternoon and keep myself strong and fit, I tend to push myself too far. By that evening, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t get off the couch. I had torn my trapezius muscle. The upper left side of my back swelled and became discolored. I was unable to rest up for more than a few seconds for three weeks. I couldn’t drive or even clean my hair on my own. I needed to lie on ice and I needed some type of painkiller. There was no way I could make it to the healthcare worker’s office. I was also not eager to take on the risks of prescription painkillers, fortunately, recreational weed is legal in my state. I was able to shop for natural pain remedies on the cannabis dispensary’s website. I checked out descriptions, pictures, potency and effects, but placing an order online was straight-forward. I chose a combination of topicals and edibles with an equal THC to CBD ratio and opted for delivery service. The cannabis arrived in a discreet package that same afternoon. I have continued to order various types of cannabis products from the dispensary ever since.


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Change your life with a sunset and cannabis

It’s still sort of hard to believe that I lived the way I did just a few short years ago.

I can hardly believe that this is my life.

But letting go, trusting myself and adding cannabis to my life have been really positive for me. I guess the change really started when I lost my position a few months after the pandemic started. I wasn’t the only one as our entire company went under. It had been on the ropes for a while so it didn’t take much to finish us. Of course, there was nothing I could do like go catch on with another company during that lockdown and ensuing financial squeeze. Instead of panicking, I headed for the local cannabis spot. Recreational marijuana is legal here and I figured I’d see what all the fuss was about. That’s the truth. So many of my peers had raved about cannabis that it seemed like this was as good a time as any to see what hybrid strains, indica and sativa products were all about. Well, it ended up being perfect timing because I have found that marijuana and especially indica strains like orange kush are amazing. These cannabis products have brought out the creativity in me and I’m now combining my skillset from my previous job with that new perspective. It’s amazing what’s happened and I love working for myself. This way, I never miss a sunset because I don’t have to. Being your own boss means you can take a puff of indica and head for prime sunset viewing on the deck.



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Out of my shell, into the cannabis dispensary

I can recall the very moment almost exactly three years ago when I knew the pandemic was going to be a crisis and life altering for many. It was the second we all got the email in the office that we’d be working from home. And that there could be layoffs. Thankfully, I kept my job. Prior to being introduced to cannabis products, it was all I could do to get myself to the office. Or to the grocery store or anywhere else for that matter. I was dealing with such anxiety and depression that I couldn’t do anything. So before finding marijuana, I was so happy to be stuck at home all the time. Initially, it seemed like the very best thing that could have possibly happened for me. But that’s not how it turned out as I just became more and more isolated. It got to the point that I decided to reach for help and that led me to pursue a medical marijuana card. I never like the psych meds that I had been on in the past and I wasn’t going back there. I found a doctor who understand the benefits of sativa, indica and hybrid strains. I would be doing both the medical marijuana treatment and the talk therapy and eventually, even group therapy. I’m now back in the office and have been for a bit. I stayed working remotely while I was focused on my emotional and mental wellbeing. The sativa products particularly have provided me with a new perspective that includes hope, calm and confidence. Along with the therapy, both group and individual, the medical marijuana has simply transformed my life in a way I wasn’t sure was even possible.

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Reducing my stress with cannabis products

I was game to see just what cannabis could do for me when it came to balancing my life.

But I wasn’t all that sure that I’d be to impressed with the results.

Really, I thought that everyone was sort of making a big deal out of nothing when it came my work/life balance. Sure, I work a ton of hours. But that’s what it takes to get things done in my line of work. It wasn’t like I was making the rules so I had to put in lots of hours. Prior to using marijuana, I would come home tired and looking for a few drinks before eating and collapsing for the night. Then, it would be up and right back at it the next day. And this goes on and on unless I’m no vacation. It’s not that I enjoyed that lifestyle as much as I was sure that was my only option. Thanks to the good people at the local cannabis dispensary and the sativa strains for sale, I’ve been liberated. I’ve been liberated from the bondage of thinking that the way I was doing it was the only way it could be. I think that’s what sativa products have done for me more than anything else. There is a feeling that I’m waking up to the fact that I’m actually in charge of this life. I have the agency to do what I need to do in order to be a whole person. So while it’s still early, there is real change afoot. I told the boss that I’m capping my hours at 50 and if that doesn’t suit, we need to figure out a separation plan. I’m committed to change thanks to cannabis.


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Cannabis helps me to live life

The longer I’m around, the more I realize that what I was after all along wasn’t making me happy.

That’s a tough realization but one that can also come with all sorts of liberation. For sure, I made some hard choices in life out of accountability and responsibility to my wife, kids and even myself. One of those was putting away recreational marijuana once I started my career. This was not an easy choice because I have enjoyed cannabis since the first time I tried in my junior year of college. But the social climate wasn’t what it is now with regard to cannabis products. Of course, it was illegal which I found stupid then as I do now. Choosing to continue to search for marijuana for sale once I started my career was fraught with danger. Had I been busted for a bag of weed, I could kiss my career goodbye. That might have been alright for me but it could have put lots of hardship on my family undeservedly. So I stopped using recreational marijuana unless a buddy slipped me some every few years. That’s certainly not the case now and is in step with all the other changes that came to my life. I got my kids grown and have since been open to finding more happiness in my life. Thanks to the fact that I now have access to a cannabis dispensary, I’m living life a bit easier these days. I’m the first one to admit that this life was a whole lot harder than anything that I had in mind. So having something as simple as access to the sativa strains I enjoy has made a big difference in helping me just continue living this life.

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Treat day at the local cannabis spot

I love when it’s time to take a day off and do nothing but treat myself all day.

This is something I do every few months.

We are all so busy that we sometimes don’t put enough value on self care. One of my favorite treats is shop for marijuana for sale at the cannabis dispensary. I’ve had a passion for cannabis since I first discovered recreational marijuana back in my early 20’s. And it really was like a lightbulb going off in my head when I made the cannabis discovery. The first few times I tried recreational marijuana, I was sort of disappointed. But those instances were during a party where there was plenty of drinking and what not so maybe I just didn’t get it. For me, it was an amazing day in the park. I had been out of college for less than six months. The day prior, I had just been shot down once again for a job I really wanted. So a friend of mine picked me up and we headed for the park, some sunshine, plenty of frisbee and a bit of a picnic. She had some sativa strains with her and we snuck a few hits off small pipe she had packed for us. It was while we were throwing that disc that I felt the first real affect of the cannabis. The sunshine was so perfect as the frisbee hung in the air just long enough for me to run under it. And then that picnic as the best chips and sandwiches ever. What a day. These days, I try to pack that spirit into my treat days every few months. So I start my treat day off with a trip to the local cannabis spot.

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A trip to the cannabis store is a real treat

I don’t suppose I ever thought of a trip to the cannabis store as being a treat, although I do nowadays. There are numerous thrilling things to find at the cannabis dispensary. The first time I was in a cannabis dispensary was to get an order for my mother. She was in a wheelchair and didn’t get out especially often. I was her caretaker and could get her marijuana order for her whenever she needed me to. Once they legalized recreational marijuana, I didn’t need my caretaker’s ID to go into the cannabis store. I could ask about all sorts of interesting products that may help my mom. The budtenders would answer me. I have already asked about marijuana products for someone who had never tried marijuana before, and no one even batted an eye. They gave me a sample of marijuana gummies, and told me to eat simply half a gummy. I shouldn’t try them unless I was in my household and only with people I felt safe with. When I got to my house that night, I showed my wife what I had brought back to our household. She asked if I dropped mom’s marijuana order off before coming home. She knew I had, because I could see the twinkle in her eye she gets when teasing me. She asked what the gummy happened to be, and I told her it was laced with THC. She told me the next time I went to the cannabis store, she was going with me. I was having too much fun going to see the marijuana dispensary, and bringing back special treats. This week I brought a brownie back to the household to share with her after dinner.


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The budtender was saying to try a high THC, although I preferred CBD

I took a pack of CBD gummies, and a pack of high CBD/low THC gummies to try at home

I walked into the marijuana dispensary, hoping to find some really good CBD products. I had been purchasing them at the local pharmacy, however they were so high-priced. I was genuinely hoping that now that recreational marijuana was legal, I could find some gummies in the cannabis store, and they would be less high-priced. When I asked about CBD gummies, the budtender at the marijuana dispensary asked what I used them for. I told her I got a great deal of headaches from stress, however CBD helped me to relax, and the pain and stress would totally melt away. She told me she didn’t have any pure CBD in the marijuana dispensary, but she could offer me some high THC products that had CBD in them. I was hoping for high CBD and not high THC. She said that some THC products could do the same as CBD, although I wasn’t interested in any of that. I wanted a CBD product. When she said I could entirely find them at the pharmacy, I thanked her. I was actually positive I would find what I wanted at the marijuana dispensary, although I was wrong. On the way back to my household, I saw another marijuana dispensary and made the decision to give it a try. When I walked into the cannabis store and asked for CBD, the young lady showed me to a table that had strange CBD products. She asked if I was looking for straight CBD, or high CBD with a small amount of THC and told me the benefits of both options. I took a pack of CBD gummies, and a pack of high CBD/low THC gummies to try at home. This cannabis store was more friendly than the first one.


There were no marijuana products at all that I could sincerely use

I was truly hoping that when I walked into the cannabis store, I would find some excellent marijuana products jumping out at me.

The simple truth was, that nothing looked like something I would use in all my years.

They had marijuana gummies that were to help you sleep or relax, although I wasn’t a candy eater in the slightest. I could not stand the smell of marijuana to be honest, so smoking the stuff wasn’t even remotely interesting to me. The lady gave me a cup of coffee, and asked what I wanted in it. I told her it was just cream. It was the smallest cup of coffee I had ever seen in all my days. She told me it was strong coffee, so I should drink it super slowly. It wasn’t just strong, however it was one of the best tasting coffees I had ever tried in my life. She told me they sold the coffee in the cannabis store, although I had to order it! When she told me the price of the coffee, I quit breathing. It was the most high-priced coffee I had ever tried before. She told me it had marijuana in it. It was made with a marijuana product that helped to relax you instead of making you feel extremely jittery like caffeinated coffee. It was naturally decaffeinated, and it would just make you relax and prefer yourself. I made my way into the marijuana dispensary not planning on finding anything, and came back out with a pound of high-priced marijuana laced decaffeinated coffee. It’s not coffee I’ll be putting in my mug and drinking on the way to work. I was really happy that I walked into the cannabis store that day.

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