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The meal was a huge surprise

My wife and I went to a vineyard and cannabis farm when we were in the city. I thought it would be a lot of fun to go on the cannatour event. We had to pay a small fee to the tour company, and we had to provide our own transportation to and from the vineyard and cannabis farm. I didn’t know what type of events were going to happen that day, but the tour was an all day affair and lunch was included with the cost of our events. During lunch, my wife and I found out that we were going to have a meal that was prepared by a local chef. The meal was made with crops that were sourced locally and most of the items came directly from the farm. Our main course was a surf and turf that was infused with cannabis olive oil. I didn’t feel anything at first, even after the meal was over. We finished up with a dark chocolate ganache that tastes sinful. After we finished with dessert, I was a little bit disappointed that I didn’t feel stoned. We finished our meal and walked outside to the patio. There was a waiter walking around with a tray and the tray included marijuana joints. Everyone was supposed to take their own personal marijuana joint and everyone was going to light it up and smoke at the same time. My wife and I decided to share a marijuana joint so we could take one home with us as a souvenir. We had a fun and really interesting day.

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I like marijuana pre rolls from the dispensary

I like to buy marijuana free rolls from the dispensary. The dispensary has lots of different types of marijuana pre-rolls that are available. The marijuana dispensary carries different sizes as well. You can buy a half gram joint all the way up to an 8 gram joint that has 7 grams of flower and 1 gram of wax. That joint is incredibly expensive and I don’t think there’s any way that I would be able to smoke it by myself. Perhaps if I was having a party with a bunch of my friends, we might be able to tackle it. My favorite type of marijuana pre-roll is an infused pre-roll that has flavonoids and terpenes. The joints are fused with live resin, terpenes, kief, distillate, and top shelf flower. They always taste extremely good. Some of the infused pre-rolls come in flavors like strawberry, blueberry, lemon, lime, grape, and even honeydew melon. All of the pre-rolls are packaged in a convenient and easy to open container. On payday I go to the dispensary and I stock up on all of the things that I like. I always get at least one or two of the infused and flavored marijuana joints. When I have a bad day or even a particularly good day, it’s nice to be able to indulge in something that is better than everything else in my weed basket. I guess it’s kinda like having a really nice bottle of wine in the cellar for special occasions. You might not drink it for a while, but it’s nice to have.


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The plumbing issues made us close down the bathroom

Last week I was working at the marijuana dispensary and there was a huge problem with the plumbing.

Someone used the bathroom early in the morning.

It must have been a customer, because no one in the marijuana store seemed to know there was a problem. The problem wasn’t severe, but it was a pretty big mess. One of the customers tried to flush a bunch of paper towels down the toilet and that stopped up the plumbing. The person tried to flush the toilet a couple of times and there was water all over the floor. When the front counter budtender went to the restroom, she found the mess and immediately alerted the manager. The manager brought a huge, heavy-duty plunger from the supply closet. She asked the security officer to get rid of the clog. Unfortunately, the clog was too much for the security guard too. We had to close down the bathroom until a plumbing repair company could arrive. The customers at the marijuana dispensary were aggravated that the bathroom was closed. We had a lot of complaints and someone threatened to contact a lawyer because our bathrooms are supposed to be open to the public. I carefully tried to make the customer aware that we were doing everything possible to reopen the bathroom as quickly as possible. Sadly, there are still some customers that were upset and aggravated when they left. It’s not as if we ran out of marijuana supplies. We simply had a small issue with the plumbing that needed to be fixed that day.

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All products shipped from the retailer had to be returned

Thankfully our software and tracking system keeps meticulous records of each customer’s order

I got a call from one of our edible manufacturers. The retailer supplies our dispensary with eight different types of edibles. The retailer supplies gummies, hard candies, licorice, cookies, brownies, and three different types of chocolate. All of these items are infused with marijuana that comes from the facility. There was a problem at the facility and the state came into the marijuana factory to evaluate the issue. While they were there, they found mold in several different samples. As soon as they found mold and samples, all of the products shipped from the retailer had to be returned. I had all of the items on the shelves when I received the bad news. I immediately told the front counter budtenders to remove all of the items from the brand. The retailer paid for shipping and all of the products had to be returned to the sender. I didn’t keep any of the products from the retailer, but I wish that I had. It would have been nice to open up a couple of bags to see if they were affected or not. I’m sure that we sold some of the items. We tried to reach out to the customers so they were aware of the problems. Thankfully our software and tracking system keeps meticulous records of each customer’s order. It wasn’t hard to find out exactly who purchased the edibles. We called each person to let them know that they should bring the edible candy or gummy product back to the dispensary for a full refund of the purchase price.



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The patient was trying to smoke marijuana in the bathroom

I’ve had a lot of crazy things happen during a shift at the hospital.

Some of the crazy stories are almost unbelievable.

A couple of days ago I had a patient in the ICU that had just been in a massive car accident. The guy had only been off of a vent for a few hours and I caught the guy trying to smoke marijuana in the bathroom. The patient had a lit joint and I could see the smoke from the hallway. As soon as I answered the room, it was easy to smoke marijuana. I’ve smoked marijuana in the past and I know the awful scent from a mile away. I told the guy to put out the marijuana joint and he tried to tell me that he was not smoking. I contacted security and they came to the room to enforce the hospital rules. The guy acted like we were being unreasonable when we asked him to put out the joint, but hospital policy dictates there is no marijuana or smoking of any kind in the ICU or anywhere else on the hospital grounds. An hour after the incident, the guy left the building against medical orders. He was hooked up to an IV and pulled it right out of his arm. The crazy patient was willing to die on the street if we weren’t going to let the guy get high in the bathroom. I never know what is going to happen from one day until the next. I guess that’s what makes my job so much fun.

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Hiking the national park can be dangerous fun

Hiking in the national park near my home is a lot of fun.

My friends and I like to go rock climbing and hiking.

Sometimes we will take our mountain bikes on the trails as well, but it is a lot more fun to traverse each one of the trails on foot. Hiking the park can be a lot of dangerous fun, so it’s really important to be prepared. My friends and I make sure that we wear proper shoes and gear. We also bring safety harnesses and ropes just in case there is some type of accident while we are exploring. My friends and I take recreational marijuana on our hike, but we never smoke marijuana until we reach our destination. It’s a lot of fun to get high and hang out at the reservoir or down by the canyon, but it’s also important to get there safely. My friends and I know and understand that it can be very dangerous to scale a wall when your depth perception is off. One of the problems with smoking marijuana is the fact that it makes your senses different. Your taste and smell is different and so is your sense of distance. There were a couple of young kids on the trail last week and they were smoking a marijuana joint near the base of the canyon. They were on their way up and smoked right before they left. I honestly thought it was pretty dangerous to smoke right before the hike, because the base of the canyon is one of the most difficult parts of the 12 mile trek.
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The elevator has been broken for weeks

I felt really bad for the guy who had to deliver my pizza and recreational marijuana last night.

The elevator in the apartment building has been broken for weeks.

I happened to be in the elevator when it broke down the first time. I was stuck there for more than 2 hours while we waited for a maintenance guy to fix the problem. After we got out of the elevator, the maintenance guy put a sign on the door saying it was out of order. I thought that he fixed the problem, but he did not. The maintenance guy didn’t fix the problem the next day either. Eventually I realized that the maintenance guy never had any intention of fixing the problem for good. The sign has been up there for almost 3 weeks, but people in my building still have to order front delivery services and that means that the drivers have to walk up and down the stairs in order to access each one of the apartments. My girlfriend and I live on the 6th floor of the building. We ordered from the marijuana delivery service last night and the guy that brought our order was clearly out of shape. He looked like he was going to have a heart attack when we opened up the door. The guy was probably 50 years old and he did not look like he was prepared to walk up six flights of stairs. I told the guy that I was sorry about the elevator being broken and I meant that. I gave the guy a $40 tip on a $200 order.

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The shop only delivers certain items for same day service

The marijuana dispensary near me offers delivery and pick up services. All delivery orders have to be placed before 8:00 and the morning. I don’t know anyone that gets up before 8:00 in the morning, and especially when it comes to people that smoke pot. The shop only delivers a few items for same day service after 8:00 a.m. and the list is pretty short. They have a couple of different marijuana concentrates on the list and there are also a variety of eighths and ounces. There are no vaporizer carts on the same day delivery list. It also takes all day and you never really know what the delivery driver is going to arrive. That makes the only real option next day delivery. I always try to order ahead of time. The marijuana dispensary also offers a pretty big discount if you order for next day service. Usually you can find a coupon for 20% off of the entire order. I contacted the marijuana delivery service a couple of days ago because I wanted to order some items before my rose came into town for the big game. We had seats they’re half court. I ordered from the cheap marijuana delivery service because it’s the cheapest place in town. I made sure to order a couple of days ahead of time, just in case there were problems with delivery, shipments, or other items and issues like that. I wanted to make sure I had everything that I needed when I picked up my guys from the airport.

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The shipment didn't contain the right items

The local marijuana dispensary gets shipments from the manufacturing warehouse on Tuesday mornings. I know this for a fact, because I work at the local marijuana dispensary and I have to be there in the morning to make sure that everything is unloaded and set up in the store. One of my coworkers and I are responsible for making sure that everything from the warehouse shipment is accounted for and entered into the computer and software system. Last Tuesday there was a huge mix-up and the shipment did not contain the right items. I noticed problems almost immediately, because there were only a few boxes and we usually have at least a dozen. I contacted my boss and she told me to call the manufacturing warehouse. The manufacturing warehouse would not issue a credit or send out additional items until I could give her a full count of everything that was missing from the order. It took my coworkers and I all day to go through the shipment and the orders and figure out what was missing. Most of the concentrates were missing and a lot of edibles. We’re usually done by lunch time, but last Tuesday we were there until 4:00 p.m. The boss bought us lunch from a deli around the corner. I had one of the best corned beef and pastrami sandwiches that I have ever tasted. I’ve never been to that restaurant before, because it’s pretty expensive. It was nice of the boss too treat us to a great lunch considering all of the trouble.


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