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Several new services at the best local cannabis spot

I’m just so gleeful that the new cannabis dispensary opened up here finally.

My buddy and I are not exactly located in a giant neighborhood so just having a new marijuana contractor is something we need to celebrate.

I’m not denigrating the original local cannabis spot. I can remember being one of the first in line when that marijuana contractor first opened. So for sure, I have nothing except love for that cannabis dispensary. Still, it’s kind of interesting having this new marijuana contractor in town. This is a national brand that carries far more cannabis products than our other local cannabis spot. The original cannabis dispensary here was locally owned and operated and it still is. The newer cannabis dispensary offers a wide variety of services that haven’t been available here before. I love the fact that I can set a consultation appointment in order to get modern intel on new cannabis strains that might be better than what I normally use. It’s easily relaxing to be able to just talk to somebody about the medical benefits I’m seeking when it comes to cannabis products. And then have that person be able to find you the right strain of marijuana for sale is such a giant bonus. But I also have to say that I never thought I’d see a local marijuana dispensary actually offer marijuana delivery. I can actually order online and have the cannabis delivery guys show up at our door. This is a time saver and just an entirely convenient way to receive the cannabis products that I use each afternoon. I also easily love all the different cannabis oils, cannabis edibles and the vast array of other cannabis products which haven’t been available here before.

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Recovering with help from cannabis

I told them that I wasn’t comfortable with the fact that I was starting to guess dependent on those meds

I love the fact that I managed to hold our ground when it came to getting the cannabis products that I needed to aid with our physical and mental recovery. I’m still healing from a pretty awful motorcar accident I had nearly 1 year ago. It was awful enough that I was on a helicopter being flown to a major hospital. Those are the kind of accidents a lot of people don’t walk away from. So I don’t take the fact that I got lucky for granted at all. While I was in the hospital, medication was pretty intense because I was smashed up pretty bad. But when I got out, the dentists put myself and others on opioids and other pain medication that I was not super comfortable with. I observed within the 1st couple of weeks that I easily was leaning on those pain pills. I ended up talking it over with an acquaintance of mine who uses cannabis products to deal with pain. She uses mostly indica dominant hybrid strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary. These cannabis products greatly help her with inflammation and allow for a much greater range of motion. I talked this over with our dentists who were initially against going off the opioid medication. I told them that I wasn’t comfortable with the fact that I was starting to guess dependent on those meds. So they gave myself and others their blessing to go to the local cannabis spot in order to get the indica strains for sale that might help myself and others the most. I have to say, after just a short period of time using these cannabis products, our physical therapy is going better and I am getting more from it.

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I use cannabis to check our perspective

Every once in a while, I reckon my buddy and I all need a bit of a reality check.

Sometimes for me, it’s more than every once in a while.

This has a relaxing deal to do with the level of stress I have to deal with in our job. I love the office job and I really love the paychecks although I dislike the high levels of stress. That’s why I’m extra grateful to have a marijuana contractor just down the street. Having legalized recreational marijuana has made such a relaxing difference for me. Medical marijuana came first. And had I known what a huge impact cannabis would make on our life, I would have gotten my medical marijuana card. But it was a acquaintance named Max who got myself and others to the local cannabis spot when recreational marijuana was legalized. I’m forever grateful to Max for that as well. He had been after myself and others for a long time to try some sativa strains because Max thought they’d easily help elevate our perspective and mood. Max also wanted myself and others to try out some indica dominant hybrid strains for sale as well. The indica based cannabis strains were more helpful for relaxing our body and helping me to get some sleep. I often deal with so much stress that I can’t turn our brain off at all. The indica strains for sale at the local cannabis dispensary have been so crucial for my health. But truly, it was after the first trip to the local cannabis spot that I realized all of the benefits from the sativa strains. It was sort of love coming out of a dark tunnel once I started using the sativa cannabis strains. Since then, I’ve enjoyed so much more balance in our life and realize that my career isn’t everything.


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The new owners of the cannabis dispensary

I’m so impressed with the vast renovations under the new management at the local cannabis store.

To be candid, I never easily wanted to judge or measure because I was just so cheerful to be able to purchase cannabis legally.

But our local cannabis store was just not all that impressive. Again, there was legal marijuana for sale there so I was 100% stoked for whatever they had. But the selection was never all that large, and it seemed love the folks running the venue easily didn’t know much about their cannabis products. I’m no expert although I legitimately saw some hybrid strains for sale that were grossly mislabeled as sativa strains! Even with our limited knowledge, I knew that certain hybrid strains were ninety percent indica. That cannabis dispensary was also just not entirely inviting at all. It was very poorly lit and nothing such as CBD oil, cannabis oil pens or even several cannabis edibles were available. It seemed poor in a way. Yet, I was just glad that one of our preferred hybrid strains, orange kush, was constantly well stocked. So I know I wasn’t surprise when a new contractor took over the local cannabis dispensary when the other marijuana contractor quit. The new contractor sunk some capital into the venue and it shows. But it’s the large array of cannabis products that initially stuns a person. There’s just so much marijuana for sale here… Plus the folks toiling there are into cannabis as a passion and it shows. I’ve gotten so much since these folks came to my end of town. It’s so awesome to welcome them.

Weed delivery

The local cannabis spot is the starting point

And Zed likes to take a chop from driving and nibble on a pot brownie during dinner.

This is a big trip that my buddy Zed and I have been thinking about for ages. And finally, Zed and I have the time, the gear and the momentum to make it happen. But before my buddy Zed and I started the first mile of the first leg of the trip. There were some supplies still left to get. Zed and I had to stop by our cannabis dispensary prior to taking off for the better section of 2 weeks. Zed and I are hitting the open road in our truck and pulling our camper. Zed and I had been on cool trips before and having some green haze along has constantly made things more fun and interesting. But Zed and I have never taken a shot at this sort of trip duration. And my buddy and I are driving from the east coast to the west coast. Literally, Zed and I will stick our feet in the Atlantic ocean at home on the first afternoon and then drive all the way to put our feet in the Pacific. It’s going to be awesome. But for sure, I wanted to stop by the local cannabis spot to get some recreational marijuana to put in our camper. Zed and I live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. But we’ll be traveling through places where any cannabis is illegal. So we’re being easily careful and keeping all the weed edibles and hybrid strains carefully stored with our rations in the camper. I love taking turns at the wheel of that giant truck. And Zed likes to take a chop from driving and nibble on a pot brownie during dinner. Then, I’m driving through the rest of the afternoon. But there are going to be so several things to explore and see for the first time. I’m just thankful to be able to get recreational marijuana for all those campfires and gorgeous views.

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Birthday treats from the cannabis dispensary

Jen and I are going to have cannabis edibles, orange dream and plenty of other different hybrid blends and strains

You only turn 50 once. And I was actually going to host a bash when I turned 50! When I was in college, there were active bets that I wouldn’t live to see 30! Little did they know that the guy who was constantly into something had a dad and a career tax professional inside of him. That’s actually what I’ve been for just a bit more than 25 years, but my wife Jen and I have enjoyed recreational marijuana since my buddy and I were in college. Fortunately, Jen and I are able to live in a state where both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal. Jen and I enjoyed whatever sort of cannabis my buddy and I could get back in college. Once Jen and I started our careers and family, Jen and I were lucky to know a small cannabis grower that kept us stocked up. Honestly, using marijuana for all these years has easily helped us with balance and staying persistent. There’s a hopefulness with smoking sativa that helps myself and others look forward and continue toward a goal or ambition. Jen has constantly been more partial to indica as she easily finds indica strains to allow her body to relax and unwind. So for our 50th birthday my buddy and I are having all kinds of people to our house. Jen and I are lucky to have a lot of property so several people are camping or staying close by. All of the celebration favors are going to be coming from the local cannabis spot. Jen and I are going to have cannabis edibles, orange dream and plenty of other different hybrid blends and strains. The nice thing about being on our own property is that nobody has to leave so Jen and I can all just cook out some food and appreciate some recreational marijuana and have a relaxing time. Who knows, I might even have a sunrise in myself for the next morning to kick off year 51.


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New marijuana dispensary makes life better

Well, finally my buddy Sam and I have our own cannabis dispensary. It took a while however this end of the neighborhood is now served by a marijuana dispensary. Personally I’m feeling overjoyed as are most of the people I know. Of course, there is a faction in this end of neighborhood who is all in a tizzy still that there is legal access to recreational marijuana. It’s the same crowd who ends up getting constantly blitzed on booze! But the irony is lost on those folks anyway. The straightforward fact is that there was a vote to legalize recreational marijuana and it passed! So you can be angry or sad about that if you want to. But it’s not going to change the fact that our marijuana laws are finally catching up with modern times. I am not eager for everybody to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to smoking cannabis! Yet, the folks that need medical marijuana should be able to access a cannabis dispensary, and for those for those of us who don’t use it in a medicinal way, my buddy and I should be able to access recreational marijuana if my buddy and I are of age. Finally, this state got it together enough to where my buddy and I are now using our common sense values when it comes to the marijuana business… Recreational marijuana has been legal here for a year now however my buddy and I are just now getting a local cannabis spot on this end of town. I love the fact that I don’t need to figure out how to get all the way to the other side of the neighborhood when I run out of orange kush or something such as that… Now all I have to do is to get off the train or the bus and walk right by the cannabis dispensary on our way home, but it doesn’t get much better than that.
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Grumpy old man doesn’t understand modern cannabis products

Every month it seems that there is a new product I have never seen before. I have smoked weed for decades, but never gotten too exotic with it. Currently I see new products that bewilder me, because I’m not quite sure how they work. Topical creams you rub on your skin? That seems weird to me, and I don’t know how I could get high from it. I don’t know what shatter is, but people tell me it’s “the bomb.” I understand the concept of vaping, but don’t really see the point of it. I like to pinch off a nug of cannabis and smoke it up. With vaping they take the cannabis, turn it into oil, and then you vaporize the oil and inhale it. Isn’t that just smoking cannabis with more steps? I guess I’m getting old because I just don’t see the point in getting so fancy when cannabis is best enjoyed in its most natural state. Cannabis exists in dozens of cultures around the world for a very simple reason – it is simple, basic, and of the earth. Once you move cannabis into a science lab, it loses that natural magic! Young people like to play with new toys, and all of these modern cannabis products seem like toys to me. I don’t need any of the new gimmicks, because I am still content with smoking cannabis the same way I always have. I have a variety of tools including a pipe, a water bong, and rolling papers, so as long as I have some killer cannabis I don’t need anything else.


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The marijuana joints were really powerful

I told the guys that someone from the apartment called because there was a flood in the place above me.

I’ve had a lot of different types of marijuana and some strains are definitely stronger than others. Home grown ditch weed isn’t going to be as smooth or powerful as something cultivated indoors by a group of lab technicians. When you buy marijuana on the street, it isn’t going to be the same strength as something you might buy from the recreational or medical marijuana dispensary. I was used to buying marijuana from a guy in the city. When I hung out with some friends that smoke marijuana every day, I thought I could keep up with them. The guys had marijuana joints that were infused with terpenes and live resin. The marijuana joints were really powerful and everything hit me all at once. The guys were smoking them like they were cigarettes. They finished one and immediately started to light another one. There was no way that I could keep up with my friends, but I didn’t want to look like a punk. I made up an excuse so I could stop hanging out with my friends and I went home. I told the guys that someone from the apartment called because there was a flood in the place above me. It was a lame excuse, but my friends were high and didn’t really care. After smoking the marijuana joints, all I wanted to do was lay down and go to sleep. My eyes were getting droopy and I’m sure that I was swerving all over the road. Thankfully I made it back to my apartment so I could sleep in my own bed.

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