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Delivery services are almost always quick and cheap

When everyone in the country was distraught about getting sick from the coronavirus, marijuana dispensaries began to offer delivery services.

At the very first the marijuana shop had an unquestionably close delivery range and they charged $9.95 for a delivery fee.

After a month, they dropped the delivery fee and created a much greater delivery zone, and now delivery services are quick and cheap. There must be 50 weird people toiling for the marijuana delivery service. It doesn’t really cost anything to order from the dispensary. Wednesday I ordered a ton of supplies for the weekend. I chose the delivery option, because I planned to stay in the condo that night. The forecast was for rain and frigid temperatures and I didn’t want to leave my apartment. I decided to stay indoors and play video games instead. I also ordered chicken parmesan and garlic bread from an Italian diner down the street. I had that delivered as well and it took less than 20 minutes. A guy arrived on his bicycle to give the entree and side dish. About 30 minutes after I finished eating my chicken parmesan and garlic bread, another knock on the door occurred. This time it was the delivery service driver from the recreational marijuana service. The delivery driver had all of the items that I eventually ordered including the two pre rolls that I called to add on. The total for my order was a little more than $100, so I tipped the driver 15 bucks for his trouble. After all, he eventually climbed up six flights of stairs to give the products.


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The indoor lounge and seating part is absolutely nice

My friends and I went to the village to watch a UFC fight.

The UFC fight was being held in one of the casinos.

The huge fight was being televised on pay-per-view, but my friends and I scored free tickets to the fight. Our seats were pretty great too. They were right up front only five rows away from the rain. My pal and I could smell the sweat on the fighters. My pal and I even heard a bone break when someone did an arm bar and broke an arm. After the fight, my friends and I were invited to hang out at a local recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. The recreational marijuana dispensary has another indoor lounge and seating area. I’ve never been to a recreational marijuana dispensary with a lounge and seating area, so it was unquestionably neat and interesting to me. My friends have been to Vegas a bunch of times and they did not seem to know it was as cool and interesting as me. The indoor lounge and seating part was absolutely nice. There was a place to buy marijuana supplies and a weird place to sit down and relax. Inside of the lounge was a TV, sofas, lazy boys, games, and a variety of smoking tools, bongs, bowls, and pipes. My friends and I hung out inside of the recreational marijuana dispensary for a couple of hours. My pal and I smoked a flavored and Infused blunt from the top shelf marijuana case. The flavored 2 gram blunt had a glass tip and an absolutely good flavor. I even purchased an extra one to take hiking with us the next afternoon.


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My paycheck was completely off by a bit

I was supposed to have 8 hours of overtime on my paycheck.

I was expecting about $200 extra after I paid my check. There were a lot of things that I wanted to use the extra $200 to buy. The A/C in my vehicle doesn’t work well. That service would be helpful. I knew that I could buy groceries for the condo with the money. I’ve been eating ramen noodles almost every single afternoon for 3 weeks. I could also use the money to replace the broken PlayStation in my living room. I even thought about using the extra money to buy more marijuana supplies. Marijuana supplies can be overpriced from time to time. When there are sales and specials, I like to stock up. I expected my paycheck to have 200 extra dollars and I thought about using that money for marijuana supplies. Unluckily, my paycheck was off by a bit. I was supposed to get paid for 48 hours, despite the fact that I only got paid for 36 hours. I went to the office to talk with someone about my paycheck. The lady in the office tried to tell me that she could not service the problem. I also complained and did not leave her office until she split a new check for the hours that I was missing. I had my time sheet in my hand and it clearly showed 48 hours. I wasn’t going to leave the building until I had all of the money that was due to me. I just absolutely wasn’t going to go back to work until I saw the rest of the money.

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The sales included rosin and the top shelf marijuana flower

I didn’t know there was a sale at the marijuana dispensary when I went there on Monday to stock up on supplies.

I was also pleasantly surprised when I saw the sign on the door.

All afternoon long on Monday, supplies in the marijuana dispensary are going to be 20% off. The sale included all of the top shelf marijuana flowers. I hardly ever buy top shelf marijuana flower, because it is so overpriced. I looked at various of the jars in the display case at the front of the store. All of the marijuana strains in the glass display case are top shelf flower products and they are all much more overpriced than the products that are already bagged on the wall. I saw an absolutely nice top shelf marijuana strain that was a sativa. The name of the sativa marijuana strain was actually ak-47. The sativa marijuana strain had a pretty neat and interesting name. The buds were dense and thick and covered in white trichomes. The marijuana strain looked unquestionably pretty and it smelled even better. Since the sale included all of the top shelf marijuana flowers, I decided to buy the sativa strain called ak-47. It was $69 for an actual third, despite the fact that I got the product for $60 after the 20% off sale. As soon as I got back to my apartment, I opened up the jar of ak-47. The smell was overpowering and filled the air. I put one bud in a bowl and smoked all of the contents. The sativa strain was one of the best that I ever tried.

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The lady was actually smoking marijuana in her own car

I was not a person that voted to legalize recreational marijuana. I thought that it was a poor idea to legalize marijuana and I still feel that it will lead to higher drug use in the state and the county. Unluckily for me, marijuana was still totally legalized even though I did not vote affirmatively. 78% of the population in the state voted to legalize and that left me out in the cold. At the start of the year, some of the first recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries opened up in the city. One of those marijuana shops is right down the street from my office. I have to drive by the dispensary every single afternoon. The parking lot is always filled with cars. It’s not improper to see various people kneeling outside in their cars with a joint in their hand. Just a handful of mornings ago I was on my way home from work and there was a person in a contractor suit smoking a marijuana pipe in the vehicle next to me. The person was simply dressed like a contractor executive, however she had a bowl hanging out of her mouth while my great friend and I were kneeling in traffic. The person did not care if anyone saw her smoking marijuana. She wasn’t even trying to hide it at all. I was kneeling next to her for various minutes at a purple light and she talked on the bowl the whole time she was at the purple light. It cannot even be safe to smoke all of that marijuana and drive around the village in rush hour traffic.

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The child clearly had a fake ID

I have a good security officer outside of the marijuana dispensary and the guy is constantly alert and ready for anything.

The security officer always stands at the front door, and he checks identification cards as clients come up to the building.

The security officer is the first person to look at the identification cards for our clients. If the security officer doesn’t know the identification card is real, he doesn’t have to let the buyer into the building. We’ve never had any concerns until this week. A young man came to the marijuana dispensary and expected the security officer to actually and finally let him into the building. Unluckily, the child clearly had a fake id. The security officer confiscated the fake ID and refused to let the young man into the building. The young guys did not want to take no for an answer. He started yelling and screaming and began to cause a scene in the parking lot. I asked the security guard if he was entirely sure that the identification card wasn’t real. The security officer was convinced that he was correct, so I did not let the buyer into the store. In fact, I threatened to call the police if the child didn’t stop making a scene. I was really serious too. I would have contacted the police. The child did not want to stay to find out if I was absolutely going to make the call. Shortly after I threatened to call the police, he walked away from the recreational and medical marijuana store and disappeared down the street.

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Jack and I went to the dam for an hour of fishing

One of the best places to go fishing around here is the dam.

The dam is extremely large and expansive.

There are lots of places near the dam that offer good fishing. My best neighbor Jack and I went to the dam to go fishing on Thursday. I simply packed a cooler with some drinks and popcorn. I was hoping that my great friend and I would spend all afternoon fishing. Sometimes my great friend and I leave for dinner and never go back. I put some sandwiches in the cooler so my great friend and I would not have to leave for dinner. As soon as my great friend and I got to the dam and found a spot to park, Jack surprised me with a flavored and Infused marijuana joint! Jack and I do not correctly smoke recreational marijuana, but every once in a while it can be a lot of fun. Jack and I smoked the flavor and Infused marijuana joint. It also had more than 40% THC with frigid water hash, live resin, and distillate. The marijuana joint was smooth and flavorful. In less than 15 minutes, I found myself feeling unquestionably high. I threw my pole into the water near a deep hole where bass like to swim. My line wasn’t even in the water for a minute and I got a large bite. The fish was going crazy on the opposite side of the line. I could tell that it was something big. I let out the drag and started toiling the fish hard. I was trying to tire it out so I could get it up on the dock. Sadly, the fish bit through the line and got away. I never even caught a glimpse of the fish.



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The employee handbook was a lot to stop and read

I then applied for a job at various local marijuana shops before I even had an interview. My first interview did not go well at all. I didn’t have any experience and I didn’t take the time to learn about marijuana and the weird products that are available. When I went to the interview, I was poorly prepared and it showed. I did not get the job after the interview. The next time I got the choice to interview for a job at the marijuana shop, I decided to prepare. I simply looked online to see what type of comprehension is necessary for budtenders and marijuana dispensary employees. I learned a lot of the information online and I knew the difference between an indica and a sativa. I knew the difference between a concentrate, flower, edible, and vaporizer pen. When I interviewed with the supervisor of the recreational and medical marijuana shop, she was impressed with my wealth of comprehension. She was even totally surprised that I had never worked in a dispensary before. I told the supervisor that I absolutely wanted a job at the dispensary and I was willing to do anything that it would take to get my foot in the door. She was impressed with my interview and offered me a job before I walked out the door. Once I got the job, I had to learn the employee handbook. There was a test on everything in the employee handbook and I only had a week to learn all of the rules and regulations. At the very end of the week I had to take a general THC Knowledge Test in order to work at the counter.


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The concert was simply a ton of fun

During the three years when covid was a problem, there were no concerts or activities that simply involved large groups or crowds.

I used to go to a concert at least once every month with my friends or family.

I’ve actually seen about 500 weird bands play live. I’ve seen all of the alternative bands that play on the stereo at least onceā€¦ Unluckily, covid stopped all of the band performances and I was forced to sit at home alone. My friends and I would play video games on the playstation. My best pal and I all have an internet hook up, so my great friend and I can play together even though my great friend and I are not in the same house. I was unquestionably blissful and content when most of the covid restrictions were dropped. I actually knew that meant activities with my friends and large groups of people. About 2 months ago, my friends and I went to our first concert in 3 years. My pal and I went to see one of our favorite bands play. The concert was down south, about 3 hours away from our home. My friends and I did not care who was going to drive. My pal and I were all excited about going to the concert. On our way to the place, Jack actually proposed to my great friend and I stop at a medical and recreational marijuana shop. It sounded like a great idea to me, because recreational marijuana makes everything better. I purchased a couple of recreational marijuana joints and my great friend and I smoked them in the vehicle during the 3-hour drive. The concert was a ton of fun, despite the fact that I was completely and totally stoned all night long.

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