Buying on the weed clearance sale

Every once in a while, the marijuana delivery service near me has amazing sales and specials; they also offer the sales and specials under a special tab called clearance sales… I quickly noticed that there were more than six items in the clearance sales tabs when I was ordering from the recreational and medical marijuana delivery service last Monday night; under the clearance sale tab, there were several marijuana concentrates listed, multiple marijuana edibles, and 2 fourths of dried marijuana flower in glass jars… All several of the concentrates were live resin shatters that I tried in the past and I knew they would be great. They were only $8 each on the clearance. I did not bother with the marijuana edibles, because I do not constantly use edibles either! When you vape and smoke weed all day, edibles do not really work well at all. The fourths of dried marijuana flower were multiple indica strains, one was OG Kush and the other strain was potent chemdawg. I was interested in buying both of the strains. The fourths of dried marijuana flowers were only $6 each. I bought multiple of each, but my friends came over later that week and the people I was with and I smoked a whole bunch of blunts with the $6 of marijuana that I bought from the delivery service. They had 33% total cannabinoids and THC and the strains were pretty decent to be honest, and both of the OG Kush and chemdawg strains were light yellow with lots of green hairs and crystal trichomes. If I had known that they were going to be that potent, I might have bought all of the stock and supplies with my medical marijuana card.

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