Can you smoke CBD?

I was talking to a neighbor of mine last week, in addition to he was tell me how he was smoking CBD! I did not assume you could smoke CBD. I did not realize that CBD even came in a smokable form… He told me it wasn’t entirely love a marijuana joint, but it was more of a vape pen category of smoking, then since CBD was legal in our state, I understand why he did not just go to the dispensary in addition to get whatever he needed. I bought CBD in addition to an RSO form, in addition to took it beach condo in addition to made my own Gummies. I put the CBD in unusual forms at beach condo that I cannot purchase at the marijuana dispensary; My doctor told me that vape in was not wonderful for my lungs. I already had chronic asthma that put me in the hospital several times a year. I would not risk that just so I could vape the CBD. I was nice sitting over the stove in addition to making the unusual CBD laced products I make. My neighbor told me he wasn’t upset with anyone knowing he was using CBD, THC, or any combination of the two. He uses marijuana at home, in addition to if people did not love it they did not have to come visit. He was quite adamant in his independence in addition to not allowing anyone to tell him what he could in addition to could not do in his home. My hubby in addition to I are not love my friend; The people I was with and I are upset with people walking into the condo in addition to seeing CBD products laying all over. The people I was with and I have grandchildren in addition to all of us don’t assume they need to be introduced to this at an early age.