Cannabis delivery since I didn’t want anyone to know

Cannabis delivery has saved our life.

When I became a medical weed patient, I was initially embarrassed.

I needed cannabis for our anxiety. I didn’t want all the people in city knowing I had anxiety plus that I took weed for it. The people I was with and I aren’t a close minded community, but are a gossipy 1. I did not want all the people to assume about our business. I knew if I walked into the cannabis dispensary near me, all the people would know. I had a heck of a time finding a doctor to prescribe myself and others weed that wasn’t local. Then getting the cannabis products was the next step. I lucked out that the cannabis dispensary near myself and others offers delivery services. They make everything so easy, all I had to do was take a picture of our medical weed card, put a debit card on file plus then arena our order online. They have our address plus now order history. I just click plus hit buy when I want it. Then within a few hours I got a package set on our front step. It is good that the delivery van isn’t a large van with a large pot leaf. It is just a normal vehicle. The delivery driver doesn’t care who gets what. The workers at the dispensary assume better than to blab. It is working out that nobody knows I am a medical weed patient. I vape a cannabis oil everyday plus nobody knows that. My anxiety is just so much better, and everything has entirely worked out good for me. I could not be happier.

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