Cannabis dispensary bathroom door has been closed for months

The women’s bathroom in the pot shop has been closed for months.

The pot shop manager placed a big sign on the door that says the bathroom is out of service.

At first, the manager said it was shut down due to covid. When everyone else in the town opened their bathrooms, the dispensary women’s bathroom was closed, but customers started asking why the bathroom was not open plus the marijuana dispensary manager did not have any good reason. She simply told us that they were all closed. Obviously every one of us knew that with the sign on the door. It became a more serious complication a couple of weeks ago. I was waiting in line to pick up my cannabis order. There was a mother in the lobby with her children. One of the small children had to use a bathroom plus the dispensary manager refused to open the bathroom for the small child. That mother got undoubtedly worried plus started yelling plus screaming. The security guy warned the mother that she would be asked to leave if she did not come down. The mother continued to yell plus scream about the bathroom plus the fact that it was closed. The mother even threatened to call the health department. I am not sure there is anything that the health department would do about it, however I would be curious to find out if the dispensary is chopping the law by not having a working bathroom accessible to the patient’s inside of the dispensary. The dispensary is basically a pharmacy, which means they should have a bathroom that patients can access when there is any kind of emergency.

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