Cannabis helps my arm pain

Back when I was in university I hurt my back considerably when I tried to go and choice up my dog a single night.

I was lifting with my back instead of my legs and it resulted in a exhausting injury to my lower back, however the pain was so drastic that I immediately collapsed on the floor and had to lie in a flat position for about 30 hours before the pain would subside, however ever since sustaining that injury, I have had ongoing chronic pain on the left side of my lower back extending down my leg into my foot.

This pain periodically is as little as a bit of discomfort, but more often than not it’s drastic exhausting agony. There are mornings where being on my feet for longer than an hour at a time will result in alarming pain extending down the left side of my body. I don’t want to be addicted to opiate painkillers so I tried going a different route. For a while I was using CBD to grade effect, but I found using medical cannabis with a high THC pleased results in better pain relief compared to CBD alone, and now that I have my medical cannabis card in my new home state. I can walk into any legal cannabis dispensary and purchase medical cannabis products. It is a wonderful time to be alive if you are a cannabis user in this afternoon and age. I don’t know how I would get by each and every afternoon experiencing all this pain if I did not have medical cannabis for relief, but some of the best products for pain relief are cannabis edibles. However, I also love using cannabis inhalation products love cannabis flower products and cannabis concentrates.

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