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Surprised by cannabis beverages

There was a time when cannabis-infused beverages were absolutely awful. They tasted like liquid marijuana, smelled foul and had a really unpleasant temperature. It was like drinking oatmeal. Because of this, I wasn’t excited when I discovered beverages on the shelves of my local dispensary. I didn’t even consider trying them. I was unwilling to […]

Educating myself about cannabis

Before I visited the cannabis dispensary for the first time, I did a lot of research. I wanted to be knowledgeable and prepared. I was worried about purchasing something too strong and having a very bad reaction to it. I hoped to ask the right questions of the budtender and feel confident in my choices. […]

My number one marijuana product

From the time every one of us were thirteen, my friends plus I were smoking pot, i knew it was wrong plus if my parents found out, they may have wanted to put myself and others away for life, however all of us were having fun, plus most people I knew was smoking pot. I […]