CBD candies are what work for me

When recreational cannabis became legal in my state, my friends went crazy.

They immediately started going to the cannabis dispensary near me and buying products.

For them it was all about that high feeling. They were searching for the most potent strain with the highest THC. They also wanted to go traditional with marijuana use. That meant anytime I hung out with my friends there was a bong, hookup or bowl being packed. Very few of my friends decided to go the vape route with cannabis oil. For me, recreational weed becoming legal was great for medical reasons. I don’t have problems large enough to warrant a medical weed card. I am just a slightly anxious person that has trouble sleeping. I did some research and realized that for my issues, I didn’t even need to get a THC heavy strain. I can still be me, but feel a lot better and more mellow. I found that CBD candies are what work best for me. It is a broad spectrum CBD product which means it is prue CBD. No THC affecting my mind or body. The CBD candies are very tasty. It is like eating normal hard candy. I like that the package they come in doesn’t scream weed either. Even though marijuana is normal, it still seems kind of taboo to just whip it out on the street or in the office. CBD hard candy is so easy to transport too. I can just stuff the bag in my purse or pocket. I never have to go without my anxiety and sleep aid.


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