CBD oils and tinctures are widely available on the internet

The two of us couldn’t think the pharmacy was selling CBD oils and tinctures.

My youngsters picked up the CBD oils and tinctures and wanted to know if we were able to buy them.

The two of us didn’t want the youngsters using CBD oils and tinctures any more than we would have them using different marijuana products. The two of us were not against people to use medical marijuana, although it was direct for that to having an age limitation. I also believe there was a limitation on the health problems that were necessary in order for a person to absolutely qualify for a medical marijuana identification card. CBD was way out in the open and this was enticing for many youngsters to try the product. Many of the youngsters were taken out of the automobile and then left behind to pay these bills. I spoke directly to a pharmacist that was a partner of mine. I asked about the CBD gummies and how they were opening up the youngster so we could purchase everything. It seemed that the CBD gummies were in a box behind the counter and you had to ask for the CBD oils and tinctures as well. These products were not regularly found over the counter where the kids would be able to access them. It made me feel much better to know and understand that they weren’t as easy to get to as I thought they were in the beginning. CBD oils and tinctures are still widely available on the internet and very easy for someone to find.