CBD products for my cat and I

After I was in a bad car accident I developed PTSD.

I get really anxious when I hear certain sounds.

It takes me back there where I was hurt and trapped in my vehicle. Due to this, I need to rely on medical cannabis. The medical weed calms me down and allows me to function day to day. My state is both a recreational and medical weed state. It is really nice since my cat is a cannabis user as well. I have my specific medical cannabis card where my products cater to my issues. My cat is actually quite aggressive and anxious around certain noises. He was a former street cat. The sound of foil tearing, the HVAC turning on and spraying windex scares him. I understood my cat and wanted him to have the relief that I did. My cannabis dispensary sells CBD products for both pets and people. I take a CBD oil that I smoke through my vape pen. It clears my mind and calms everything down. I start my day with it and end with smoking. I have my cat taking pet CBD treats. He gets a little hit in the morning and right before bed like a dog. The two of us aren’t anxious anymore. My cat can be around when the heater turns on. I am actually allowed to wash windows and even vacuum the floors. I can ride alongside someone in the car and sudden noises don’t scare me either. CBD has been a game changer for the two of us.

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