Changing from CBD to hemp seed oil instead

For a long time I was a CBD girl.

Anytime I had something wrong with me, I turned towards CBD. I had a CBD topical that I kept right by my bed. Anytime I felt a leg cramp coming on I would apply the cream directly to it. I used CBD oil in order to reduce my stress during the labor day. I smoked a CBD flower strain in order to sleep well at evening. CBD was my main drug of choice. I then started researching more about it. I changed from broad to full spectrum CBD. I then got off the oil and got onto a CBD concentrate. Then I found CBD blends that combine hemp… Once I discovered hemp, my life changed. Hemp is so naturally healthy for me. A hemp seed oil has omega 3s, protein and all sorts of vitamins. It is great for heart health, reducing blood pressure and improving energy. Also great lines and wrinkles can be eliminated with a bit of hemp oil applied directly to the area. So now I don’t do CBD blends. I just do hemp for everything. I have hemp seeds that I toss in my eveningly salad. I put a hemp seed oil in my bi-weekly smoothie and a unusual hemp based cream that I put directly on my face. I know healthier and more motivated to tackle the day. The only snag is that for anxiety, hemp isn’t as great as CBD. I might need to keep both products on hand.


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