Check you medical marijuana products before consumption in case of any quality issues

You would expect a food company to have a tight grip on its quality control of its products, but that’s not always the case.

I have found a hair or two in things like loaves of bread or cartons of eggs.

While the eggs didn’t bother me because they’re raw and need to be cooked, the bread went right back to the store. That’s simply disgusting on a level that I refuse to put up with, especially knowing that you can take this back to the store and have them replace it with a product that isn’t affected like this. It bothers me when I realize that I barely noticed the hair in the first place, which means that I was fairly close to simply eating the bread without having a clue about the possible contamination. I wish this was an isolated experience of mine, but it’s not. There are other products I have gotten from the store where I ran into a similar problem. The worst of the recent offenders was a batch of live rosin cannabis concentrate from the medical cannabis dispensary. I looked down after getting the jar home and saw a bug floating at the top of this jar of cannabis concentrate. I immediately took the nasty and contaminated jar of THC contrate back to that cannabis dispensary immediately. They tried to give me a hard time about it until I got out a magnifying glass and showed them the bug so they could see for themselves. This is a good indicator of why you should always check your medical marijuana products before consumption. You can’t rely on the quality control teams in every single instance.


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