Choosing a botanical CBD blend

What is botanical CBD? That is something I was searching for late at night.

  • When I realized that I was prone to panic attacks, I knew I needed to take something for it.

I didn’t want a traditional pill that a doctor prescribes with horrible side effects. I wanted something more natural. That is how I found cannabis, specifically CBD. With CBD you get the good parts of the cannabis plant and you don’t even get high taking it. I found that the world of CBD is quite vast though. You can smoke, vape, eat or apply CBD topically. There are all sorts of weird words too. Full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD. There are CBD tinctures, CBD concentrates and CBD blends. What is the difference between all of these things? A tincture is like an oil you can ingest. A concentrate is a more powerful form of the CBD. A CBD blend typically combines CBD and hemp. That is how I landed on botanical CBD for my panic attacks. Hemp is very natural and good for the party. Having that in the CBD product I took was more than appealing. With a botanical CBD product you can feel motivated, uplifted, energetic and happy. I found a botanical CBD gummy that I know how to snack on after lunch. Since buying my CBD blend, I haven’t noticed any issues with stress and panic. I feel so much calmer and more relaxed on my product. I am kicking myself that I didn’t buy the CBD blend years ago. It is a lifesaver.



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