Client referral went well

I work in the SEO industry.

I don’t actually do the web builds or do the search engine optimization work.

What I do is manage those talented people and handle the financial sides of the business. I am a much better salesman than a builder. It is amazing to me how many people have poro websites and rankings on google. Since I am so engrossed in the industry, I am very aware of it. When my wife wanted to start her own candle making business, I hooked her up with a great web build and got her ranking high on google. She is doing very well for herself. Her old college roommate owns a cannabis dispensary and actually found her on google. She ordered a ton of products and then sent in a contact form. She asked my wife about the website since it was so good. I then got the roommates contact info and sold her a website and SEO package. Making a website for a cannabis dispensary is different from a small-time candle business. Thankfully my workers are able to handle it. The cannabis website is so much better than what it used to be. My wife’s former roommate required digital marketing solutions for multi-locations. We got her pages of content for each location and was able to rank each store high on google. You can type in the brand name or one of the locations and the website pops up on google. The woman is so happy with the work that we have done. We are already getting other clients through her due to this.

Search engine optimization for dispensaries