Competition in the cannabis market

My older brother put me to work selling weed for him when I was in high school.

I was nervous about it at first, but once I saw the money I got a lot more comfortable. My brother Earl would grow it, harvest it, package it, and give it to me to take to campus and sell as dime bags to my friends. My cut was one dollar per bag, which I quickly learned could be increased by raising the prices. I started selling the dime bags for twelve bucks apiece, and after that my net profit was three dollars per sale. Is it any wonder I skipped college to sell cannabis full time? This is a profit based industry! These days things are very different, because legal cannabis dispensaries changed the whole industry. Back then there were no legal cannabis outlets, which meant the law of supply and demand was in full effect. I used a sliding scale for my cannabis sales, one based on how much pot I had and how many people wanted it. The same cannabis would fluctuate in price from week to week, all in the name of maximizing my profits. When you are the only cannabis dealer a person knows, then they will pay whatever you ask. But as I said, now things are different because I can only compete with the legal cannabis dispensaries by keeping my prices low. The cannabis dispensaries have a wider variety than I ever could, so I have to undercut their prices, which lowers my profit margin considerably.

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