Cooking with cannabis has helped our stomach

As I have gotten older I have found I can’t eat the way I used to, but i used to eat fast food, sugary popcorn, energy drinks & salty foods all the time.

I wouldn’t labor out & I frequently would forget to clean our face at night.

I felt no repercussions until I hit 25… Now I can drink alcohol without getting seriously sick & hungover, and fast food means I am ill all night long. If I skip our skincare regimen, I have genuinely bad acne the next afternoon. I am way more healthy about what I do with our body. I have split out salty & sugary popcorn. I don’t eat fast food anymore. I am a vegetarian that occasionally has cannabis infused dishes, but cannabis has updated alcohol for me, when I want to have fun, I choose to be high rather than drunk. I don’t get ridiculous, sick or hungover now. I guess creative, cheerful & relaxed when I use cannabis. I genuinely like cooking with a cannabis strain that has lots of CBD in it! That means I am going to get a good night of sleep. There are all sorts of oils, butters & seasonings at the recreational marijuana store. I have experimented with them. I do a seafood night where I use a rub on the salmon, a cannabutter on our shrimp & a cooking oil over the scallops. It tastes yummy, it is healthy & it is cannabis heavy. Now our friends like to come over to our house for supper. I have no more stomach complications.

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