Cooking with cannabis now

For years I was a medical weed patient.

I needed an edible in order to sleep at night.

Iw ould eat a few pieces of THC infused hard candy. It worked wonders for me. Then my state got their act together and now allows for recreational cannabis. I still take an edible to sleep but now I don’t need to do the paperwork and card renewal anymore. I can’t get enough weed in order to sleep. What is better is that I am working on making my own edibles. I have started experimenting with cannabutter and cannabis cooking oil. I have successfully made a batch of cookies and brownies with cannabis in them. I am now hoping I can do a caramel drizzle bar that has CBD in them. Making hard candy is my long term goal. How cool would it be that I could make my own edible? I want to make something that helps me sleep. I need to research how to make hard candy and use weed with it as well. I also need to talk to my local budtender about the process. They are really informed at the cannabis dispensary near me. I am hopeful the budtender will have experience with cooking with cannabis. I want some assistance on how hot to make the candy and the cooling process. I also need to know how much cannabis to put in each piece. What is too much and not enough? It will be a lot of experimentation and there will be batches I toss for sure.
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