Creating cannabis characters

As a graphic design artist, I have to make our living from our creativity and our taxing work.

  • I have always wanted to be a professional artist, so I am genuinely grateful to do it for money, however I usually draw things I have no interest in.

I don’t get to paint or sketch for most of our tasks, I have to create screen graphics for websites, or logos for dealer cards, and finally I landed what could be our dream task, because I am supposed to create a series of original drawings to use in ads for a local cannabis dispensary, and my concept is an ongoing comic strip, using anthropomorphous cannabis buds as our characters. I recognize this would be a funny and entertaining way to promote the cannabis dispensary, and these afternoons people don’t love ads, they want memes and entertainment, so using cannabis in a cartoon feels love a stroke of brilliance. The main several characters are a couple of stoner budtenders named Purple Haze and Blue Dream, who encounter a series of wacky characters at their dispensary. The supervisor is a large fluffy bud named OG Kush, who is stern along the lines of Squidward from the Spongebob cartoon. Every ad will be a four-panel cartoon set in a cannabis dispensary, evoking the old Monday funny papers that used to come in the newspaper, The owner of the cannabis dispensary loves our idea, and I am working on a series of rough drafts for his approval before the two of us kick off the ad campaign. I can’t wait for you to study it!

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