Cruise ship cannabis

Before getting on the cruise ship I had to make sure that everything was good to go. I would be spending seven days and nights in the Caribbean on a massive cruise liner. My goal was to get wrecked on booze, pills, and weed for the entire time, and hopefully make it back home alive. I am three weeks out from my college graduation, and three weeks away from starting my first full-time job. This might be the only time for years to come where I can get crazy. This is why I had to make sure there would be access to all the cannabis and liquor that I was going to need. I learned that it is very easy to sneak contraband like drugs and cannabis onto the ship, but it was much harder to get high. This entire ship was a “no smoking” area, for tobacco, cannabis, and everything else. I could easily sneak the marijuana on board, but would be quickly discovered if I tried to smoke it in my cabin or on deck. The solution was simply, to just rely on cannabis edibles and not smoke anything. I will admit that was a let-down for me, because I vastly prefer smoking the killer cannabis strains like OG Kush or Purple Haze. Tough times call for hard choices, so I invested in three hundred dollars worth of edibles for the cruise. It would have been foolish to go through all the trouble to smoke cannabis on the ship, when edibles get the job done almost as well, without any of the telltale signs of getting high.



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