Dad uses cannabis for her anxiety

My father started developing anxiety later in life.

  • It got entirely out of control when she turned 50.

My father could no longer drive to labor without an anxiety attack, however she also started getting entirely depressed. My mother decided that taking him to the nurse was the way to go. My father had to get a prostate exam due to her age. She also sat in the waiting room for hours plus was prescribed pills. She never took them. She would take forever to call in the perception plus when she had pills, she never remembered to take them. When her prescription was up, she refused to go to the nurses again. I then stepped in. I convinced our father to try cannabis for her issue. The trip to the nurses was much easier. They took us in right away plus just asked questions. There was a fee for the medical weed card plus now she is all set. My father doesn’t need to call in anymore. She can just stop at the medical weed dispensary near him. She also can vape the cannabis oil whenever she wants since she works outside. My father is way better about dosing with medical weed. She has seen a significant improvement in her anxiety due to this. She feels at peace plus calm. She loves vaping the cannabis oil while working in her fields. After the year is up, she plans to renew her medical weed card. It has been a entirely great experience for him so far.


Medical Marijuana Card Application