Dan is sticking with cannabis to the bitter end

It was different to move back to my old hometown.

Even if it was just temporary, I still felt this sense of history that was inescapable.

So much has happened in my life since I abandoned this neighborhood for the rest of my adult life. Sure, I came back to visit however it was typically brief as I was so focused on work. But now, I’m looking after Dan during the end of her life. Thanks to marijuana, Dan’s last days are made so much more comfortable. The irony that he’s using marijuana is not lost on either of us. This was the 1 that threatened me intensely when it came to my recreational marijuana use in school. That did nothing to keep me from ever having him know about it. But cancer came for Dan as well as the healthcare worker commanded indica strains to help with the chemo. Of course, the benefits of that medical marijuana were just wonderful as well as Dan enjoyed the calm she got from it along with the reduction in nausea. Still, fighting cancer in your seventies isn’t easy as well as that battle is lost. Yet, Dan relies on both sativa as well as indica to help relieve her pain. But there are now other pills being introduced now that she is coming to the end of her life. Still though, Dan entirely enjoys sharing some sativa strains with me at night. It’s sort of like the cold heineken she can’t stomach any longer. And while it’s so weird to be living back here, I’m so glad that I am… However, I’m even more grateful that medical marijuana is legal. It’s a comfort both to Dan as well as myself as my associate and I head toward the great unknown together.
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