Deciding against getting MMJ card

Both recreational plus medicinal cannabis are legal in my state… I suffer some minor concerns with sore muscles, headaches, difficulty sleeping plus eczema that I like to treat with weed rather than synthetic pharmaceuticals, but whenever possible, I always opt for a natural remedy because I worry over long-term consequences.

  • I wasn’t sure if it was worth the time plus currency to acquire my medical marijuana card.

I had heard that the process isn’t overly difficult. I was reluctant to schedule a nurse’s appointment, make the rather long drive plus devote the time. I also l received that I’d have a significant investment in the nurse’s visit and the card, however the card would then only be valid for a single year, plus I’d need to pay the fees all over again. I did some research into the differences between medical plus recreational cannabis, and from what I found out, having the card would allow me to purchase a bigger quantity plus higher potency without paying tax, but however, I would be shopping from the exact same products. There isn’t a difference between the products on the shelves. There isn’t a strain of smokable flower strictly for medicinal patients! As a recreational consumer, I can still buy curative topicals, therapeutic tinctures plus CBD options. I can browse the selection of edibles, concentrates plus extracts or purchase packs of pre-rolls. I have access to the dispensary’s loyalty program, yearly deals plus vendor days. I can still benefit from online ordering, in-store pickup or even delivery to my home. I have not gotten my MMJ card plus I’ve managed to effectively treat my multiple ailments with cannabis.
Medical Marijuana Card Application