Dinner could have been a lot better

My friends in addition to myself were downtown in addition to decided to go to one of the marijuana dispensaries.

We got a couple of nice products from the marijuana dispensary and we smoked a marijuana joint before the people I was with in addition to myself when to have dinner in the restaurant.

A couple of people joined us at the table and we sat down to order our food. I absolutely felt like the marijuana joint was working very well. I only hit the thing numerous or a couple of times but I was feeling very fuzzy in addition to blurry. I managed to find a way to order all of the items that I wanted off of the menu, but it wasn’t very easy. The people I was with in addition to myself got our food in addition to everything was very yummy. I decided to order one of the steak meals that was on the menu and everything was flavorful. I was actually quite surprised by the taste of the meat. After dinner my friends and I went outside to smoke another marijuana joint. This time we smoked a joint that is called Wedding cookies. The wedding cookie strain is a hybrid of Girl Scout cookies. The marijuana joint made me feel even more stoned. When I finally got home, the fries in my belly were sitting there like grease and I wasn’t feeling particularly good. I’m not sure if it was the food at the diner or all of the marijuana products that I smoked.


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