Dispensary carries lots of pre-rolls

To treat my various health issues, I’ve had success with medical marijuana.

I’ve had my MMJ card for around three years and typically shop at the local dispensary every Saturday.

I’ve experimented with the different consumption methods, striving to find the ideal remedy. There are benefits to every method. Edibles are easy, tasty and provide especially intense and long-lasting effects. Concentrates tend to offer exceptionally high THC potency. Tinctures are portable, simple and allow precise dosing. Topicals can be applied directly to the skin and cause no psychoactive effects. Vapes are user-friendly and discreet. My favorite consumption method is old-school smoking. While I realize the inhalation of carcinogens can be hard on the lungs, I prefer the process, flavor and effects of dried flower. For me, the only drawback is the difficulty and mess of rolling a proper joint. I’m not good at it. I’ve practiced and still tend to roll the paper too tight or too loose. I either pack too much or too little weed inside. Any joint rolled by me will burn too quickly or continually need to be relit. Fortunately, the dispensary carries a nearly endless selection of pre-rolled joints and blunts. Their menu of ready-to-smoke options covers indicas, sativas and hybrids and offers a wide range of THC to CBD ratios. They are all properly packaged and labeled. I know the exact dosage and have a very good idea of the effects I can expect. I can purchase a single pre-rolled joint and try something new or save some money on a pack of favorites. They are sold in both infused and non-infused varieties and are wonderfully affordable and portable.


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