Dispensary recruiting software

It seems like nobody wants to work anymore.

I can’t seem to find good help.

I posted on Indeed, facebook and other professional business sites. I asked around and spread the word that I need budtenders. The problem is that I won’t just hire someone off the street. I need them to undergo cannabis training and take a test to prove they know their stuff. They also need to do team bonding with the other budtenders to ensure they fit in. It is absolutely crucial that they have the right mindset to work in the store. The concern was finding these amazing people. I then realized that there is a cannabis software company that offers all types of services. They actually have dispensary recruiting software. It scans around and offers the job on a variety of platforms. It looks for people in the right age range and educational level that I am searching for. The recruiting software also is a great program when I get a bunch of applicants. I can create filters to cancel out people who have no education, are underage and not a good fit for the store. It has saved me a lot of time finding the right people and not wasting time looking over applications on the wrong people. Dispensary recruiting software wasn’t something I ever thought I would need. Now that I have it, I am so glad that I want this extra mile for my store. All my budtenders are highly capable people.

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