Ditched the meds for the cannabis dispensary

My doctor was right about me getting my medical marijuana card.

I love that about this doctor.

She’s the first physician that I can remember who really sees me as just me. I’m not just another body in front of her with a problem. So when she said that it might really benefit me to try medical marijuana, I was in. The days of using cannabis were decades behind me. And really, I wasn’t all that big into recreational marijuana back in the day anyway. Yet, I sort of new at least how to ingest it. And I figured if the doctor thought it could help my anxiety and depression, then all the better. For almost two decades, I’d been treating my condition with a variety of antidepressants. It has been a full on merry go round with the meds. But after all that time, I’d start a new drug and the efficacy just wouldn’t last or the side effects outweighed the benefit. It was almost like the whole deal was now adding to my depression. But when the laws changed to allow for medical marijuana, my doctor helped me get the access to the cannabis dispensaries that I needed. Once I set foot inside the cannabis dispensary, I knew that I was on to something. It was like a feeling I had in my gut or something. The folks at this local cannabis spot couldn’t have been more accommodating either. I ended up with a sampler pack of sativa strains. It didn’t take a week of treating with medical marijuana before I felt better than I had in my entire life.

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