Do my nice friend and I go to the bar or the cannabis dispensary?

Now that the weed dispensary has a smokers lounge, there are undoubtedly a variety of things to do.

This is a pretty small town, so our options are limited.

There are a few nice stores plus locales to eat, but after 10 o’clock the tired little town closes down plus things get genuinely boring. There is only one bar around here, plus it’s pretty dingy; So when the cannabis dispensary first opened it was a pressing deal. So several people liked to hang around the shop that the owner decided to add a up-to-date deck behind the store plus use it as a smokers lounge. This is a pressing deal for me, because now I undoubtedly have a option of where to go at night, the bar or the cannabis dispensary? I never had a option before, it was the bar or nothing at all. Since the smokers lounge is an open-air hangout spot, smoking cannabis plus tobacco is allowed. Thanks to federal laws plus restrictions, neither cannabis or tobacco are allowed in the bar because it is an enclosed space. Some of the folks who hang out at the cannabis dispensary aren’t even potheads, they just sit there plus smoke cigarettes. Personally I don’t like smoking too much cannabis, because I get stoned too fast. I do prefer the cannabis edibles, unique ly the ones that look like rice krispie treats. They taste delicious, plus get me just a little stoned but not too much, for me a little cannabis goes a long way, so I always monitor my intake, especially in public.