Don’t just put a dispensary anywhere

You can’t just put a cannabis dispensary anywhere you want.

  • There are laws around where you can set up and just how close it can be to other businesses.

First things first, you need to identify the competition. Are there already three cannabis dispensaries on the street barely making ends meet? You don’t want to flood the market and make the cost of the products lower. You also don’t want to go in an area that isn’t cannabis friendly. Another very important thing to consider is if the area is medical weed and recreational weed legal. You need to find out what the actual laws are in terms of sale. Some places are very harsh when it comes to flowers, oil and edibles. You need to consider the people in the community and what they want. Are you in a high income area that would be all medical weed patients? Are you serving college aged students looking for recreational marijuaan? What do people want to see when they go into your store? Most important proximity is a big factor with cannabis dispensaries. You can’t be within a certain distance of a school, daycare or anywhere else that houses children. Typically it is around 500 feet. It is important to check before you land onto a building. For me it was easy choosing my bilding and the vibe of my store. I just used a cannabis consulting service for that part of the process. They knew all the legal sides of it and went around the city. They found exactly what area needed a dispensary and what kind of store I should have.

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