Don’t turn cannabis into a political issue

I am not what you would call a politically-driven person, but I have taken an interest in the fight for pot legalization.

Even though I do not get high very often, I have come to see that this plant is medicinal in nature, and it can help people improve their lives.

This legal battle isn’t just because I like being stoned, it’s an important issue. I say this because of my sweet Aunt Joyce, who is almost 90 years old and very sick. There are a lot of people out there like Aunt Joyce, who rely on medical cannabis to improve their quality of life. Last year the voters of the state passed a law allowing the sale of medical cannabis. This is great because it allowed my Aunt Joyce to have legal access to a cannabis dispensary. But I don’t think this law goes far enough, and I want recreational cannabis to be legal to everyone who wants it. States that have legalized cannabis have proven that it does not escalate the crime rate, and that it generates a lot of extra money. The taxes and fees collected at legal cannabis dispensaries pump tens of millions of dollars into the local economy! This alone is enough to make me want fully legalized cannabis for everyone. The more money earned at cannabis dispensaries means less taxes for the rest of us to pay. On top of that, we aren’t talking about cocaine or heroin, we are talking about the marijuana plants, which are both medicinal and non-addictive. If you don’t support legal cannabis, you’re a fool.

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