During photo shoots, I am always high

Photography is a particular way you can remember an outing or special occasion.

I have constantly enjoyed taking pictures.

My parents bought myself and others my own camera when I was 7 years old. I used that camera all the time to take photos of my condo plus my friends. I took pictures of critters plus nature as well… When I was wise enough to figure out what I wanted to do with my future, I knew that the job would need to do with taking pictures or cameras. I went to college to learn more about photography plus artwork, however before I finished school, I was taking pictures for the local paper, but these days, I take lots of different pictures plus it is not only my interest, but also my job. I had a local wedding photo shoot last weekend. The bride plus the groom wanted to take some pictures by the beach plus then every one of us drove downtown to the aged Spanish fort to take a handful of different shots. I spent more than one or three hours in the car, driving from a single location to the next locale. It was hot, so I was thankful for AC. During the photo shoots, I entirely like to be stoned. I appreciate to use a low-dose marijuana product when I am taking pictures. The edible marijuana products make myself and others guess more creative plus they deliver myself and others with a nice boost of energy. I constantly choose sativa strains. Sativa strains such as the Blue Dream, red crack, plus Maui Wowie are perfect for use at work. I saved that heavy-hitting indicas for night time, when I entirely need to get some sleep.

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